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61 Suffocating Sight - Trivium
62 Some of the People, All of the Time - All that Remains
63 If It's Dead, We'll Kill It - Motionless in White
64 Angels of Clarity - Dead by April
65 Gimme a D - Parkway Drive
66 Forever - As I Lay Dying

It's a great song by As I Lay Dying yet the best one by them is the sound of truth, but since I couldn't find it on the list I vote for their second best! The song has incredible guitar riffs and amazing lyrics too. The best band EVER!

Meaningful, brilliant guitar riffs, should be number 1.

First metal Song iv ever liked with screaming vocals and has remained my favorite ever since

It's a really good song... well listening to this song I became a fan of as I lay dying... its other good songs are >> through struggle, nothing left, behind me lies another fallen soldier, elegy, collision, the begining, etc..!

67 Immaculate Misconception - Motionless in White

Oh my god this song has to be in the top ten :D Lyrically one of the best songs ever, and Chris is in my opinion the best unclean vocalist out there

One of the best breakdowns out there

This song is so well put together, and the concept is great, even though I am catholic, I see exactly where chris is coming from in this song. The begining is absolutely epic too!

One of the heavier metalcore songs out there. Definitely not the heaviest though. Great intro, great, catchy chorus, and brutal breakdown. What more could u ask for lol

68 Nothing Left - As I Lay Dying

Definitely one of the BEST

69 Your Shirt Would Look Better with a Columbian Neck-Tie - I Killed the Prom Queen

Very awesome song with a killer solo - sudburyboy13

70 Hey John, What's Your Name Again? - The Devil Wears Prada

Awesome sound and great screams! The perfect screamo mix! Love these guys

It is just the best metalcore song ever! - rock2metal

71 4 Words (To Choke Upon) - Bullet for My Valentine

Look at me NOW!

72 Composure - August Burns Red

What! ABR not even top 10 r you joking or what guys?

Abr is way better than most of these bands!

73 Hand of Blood - Bullet for My Valentine

One of the best song from Bullet For My Valentine.. awesome vocal n guitar riffs!
Bullet For My Valentine my favorite..

There goes my valentine again soaked in red for what she said and now shes GONE! Oh my god have I done it again

I remember a feeling when I hear this song in Need For Speed... Awesome

74 Moonshield - In Flames

Good old melodeath, not metalcore

75 Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold

Not quite metalcore.. But badass nonetheless

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76 Mad Men - Haste the Day

cool song with a wicked music video - sudburyboy13

the riff gonna make you a mad man! - rock2metal

77 The Poison - Bullet for My Valentine
78 Endzeit - Heaven Shall Burn

I'm fan of most of these bands. I was turned of by HSB's name thinking tehy were an anti-christian band but all their lyrics are political and social in nature... But my friend told me to listen to this song. When I first heard it I just got a raw sense of power... It is crazy that years later I still get that same pump that same feel from a song I've heard numerous times. Dudes! Check this out!

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79 Bleed Brother Bleed - Finch
80 Nothing Left - Rise to Remain
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