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81 Relentless Chaos - Miss May I

Awesome song! One of the best screams out there. Great clean vocals too! Keep up the good work!

Absolutely amazing song. That's all I have to say.

82 A Greater Foundation - As I Lay Dying

Killer song from a killer album.

83 No Way Out - Bullet for My Valentine

Great riffs, vocals and drumming. A great new addition to Bullet For My Valentine discography.

84 This Day Is Mine - Rise to Remain
85 Pleasure and Pain - Bullet for My Valentine
86 Death Anxiety - Bleeding Through
87 Marianas Trench - August Burns Red

One of the best intros in ANY SONG of ANY GENRE EVER ;D

Best metalcore song I've ever heard. It's perfect.

88 Boneyards - Parkway Drive

Greatest metalcore breakdown ever

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89 Last One Standing - Silent Civilian
90 Sleepwalking - Bring Me the Horizon

Amazing electronic riffs and mix of rough/clean vocals

91 More Than Yesterday - Dead by April

OH MY GOD! Who the hell put Dead by April's song on this very low spot?! They are one of the most talented Metalcore bands out there, they are so unique, the blend of Metalcore with synthesizers is just mind blowing. The best screamer Jimmie Strimell, the best singer Zandro Santiago, the best bassist Marcus Wesslén, the best guitarist Pontus Hjelm (also a great singer) and the best drummer Alexander Svenningsson. This quintet is just the best! This song starts out with a little electrifying synths, and then... the screams of Jimmie with the heavy drumming and guitar work that give this song the perfect Metalcore taste, and then the clean singing, just such a beautiful voice. "I am missing you more than yesterday...". Just such chill-giving lyrics, that you can play this song for anyone you love dearly. Just awesome!... So please people, come on! Vote for this song and let it be no. 1, because that's the spot where this song belongs!

92 Naysayer - Architects

Probably the best guitar riff & lyrics I have heard in years.
Also, Architects is highly underrated.

93 God Hates Us - Avenged Sevenfold

Brutal, Catchy, Fast. Everything you could want in a metalcore song.

94 Sometimes You're the Hammer, Sometimes You're the Nail - A Day to Remember
95 Morte Et Dabo - Asking Alexandria
96 Dreams of Psilocybin - Finch
97 Rosemary Had an Accident - The Devil Wears Prada
98 Power Through Fear - Rise to Remain
99 Vacancy - As I Lay Dying

This song is much better than any other.
I thnk so this should be in top 10 list...
Awesome guitar and drums. Truly love it

100 Hey There Mr. Brooks - Asking Alexandria

Asking alexandria why so low

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