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1 Orion - Master of Puppets

Metallica were Thrash Metal pioneers. And they really created some amazing and insane stuff during their early times. M/

The greatest metal instrumental EVER. It had better be number 1, or I've lost faith in humanity. No joke.

Honestly, I am not even sure what is the best one, I like them all!

Hands down the greatest piece of metal music ever composed.

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2 The Call of Ktulu - Ride the Lightning

An epic ending to Ride the Lightning. Of course Orion and Suicide are good, but they let a fast-paced song at the end of the album end it. That's not bad, but it just ruins the feeling from the instrumental. Ktulu starts off nice and slow, then brings out very well and is paced perfectly. It then ends with some galactic drumming and ends after 9 minutes, which ends the album perfectly.

My favorite is the Call of Ktulu, because in this song all the instruments are very very good, while I appreciate Orion only for the great bass and for the lead guitar line. And, despite it has no lyrics, the song can make you feel the insanity of the world of Ktulu.

Literally a H.P Lovecraft book read aloud using guitars, drums, and bass. A build up that screams insanity, a core that vocalizes the terror and peril of the world about you, and a finale that spells out the end. And the magic is in the lack of lyrics being able to pull this off, and I just can't get the same vibe from Orion. So my vote goes to Ktulu.

Cliffs bass in this is magnificent! I love the bass screams! - Userguy44

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3 To Live Is to Die -...And Justice For All

A tribute to Cliff Burton. It is a sad song, including one of the greatest melodies of all time. - BronySyndrome

It bothers me that this song is so underrated. It is their saddest and most meaningful instrumental. - jake33

Listen to the melody and then you know why this should be on number 1!

Criminally underrated. This is emotional, perfect and powerful. I love it! - Userguy44

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4 Suicide & Redemption - Death Magnetic

I love the middle of the song with the quiet solo part, it gives me the chills every time..

Going for nearly 10 minutes, this is an epic instrumental from their new album, Death Magnetic. This is evidence of their return to their classic metal in the 80s. - petrucci75hammet

Well, it's on an album full of songs that, well, has nothing else like it. It is really the main reason that anyone should call this album "thrash." It's ' 9:58 long!

It's really, suicide and redemption.
just focus on the song. amazing
Thank you metallica

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5 (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth - Kill 'Em All

Probably the worlds most beautiful and hardest song on the bass ever. Cliff, you are god

Easily the best thing Cliff Burton had ever recorded... Even if Orion and For Whom the Bell Tolls are great.

Amazing. The worlds hardest, beautiful, and amazing bass solo ever to be written.

I love the base.

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6 The Ecstasy of Gold - S&M
7 My Friend of Misery - Metallica

It was originally meant to be an instrumental - I personally prefer the instrumental version over the official release of the song

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1. The Call of Ktulu - Ride the Lightning
2. To Live Is to Die -...And Justice For All
3. Suicide & Redemption - Death Magnetic
1. Orion - Master of Puppets
2. To Live Is to Die -...And Justice For All
3. The Call of Ktulu - Ride the Lightning
1. The Call of Ktulu - Ride the Lightning
2. Orion - Master of Puppets
3. (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth - Kill 'Em All

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