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21 Fight Fire With Fire

How could anyone forget the acoustic intro to this song? It is so deceptive to non metal fans. They will think, "aw that's so nice! " but when the thrash kicks in, it will be different.

22 The Outlaw Torn
23 The Thing That Should Not Be
24 The Day That Never Comes
25 The Unforgiven
26 Some Kind of Monster

Descent song with a build up to an awesome intro - christangrant

27 Fuel

It is the best

28 The Unforgiven II

Still awesome

29 My Friend of Misery

The intro is just so awesome! This should easily be in the top 10's. I love the intro to this song! The whole song is just so damn good! MFOM! MFOM! Vote! - johnpaularguelles

30 Don't Tread On Me
31 The Unforgiven III

Not very metallica-like, but can't help liking the beautiful piano/orchestral intro. - petrucci75hammet

32 Orion
33 Harvester of Sorrow
34 Damage, Inc.

It is like a bolt of lightning hit the tip of my penis

Personally, I think "For Whom the Bell Tolls" is the best intro, but "Damage, inc."'s is also an amazing one. While "Battery" also has a similar start, something strikes me about "Damage, inc." It's so beautiful, like "Orion"'s middle solo by Burton. I love the ambient sound that plays in the background until the first minute passes. It's so soothing and pumping at the same time. Add in the effect that this is Cliff Burton's final song and that kinda makes the song sad :(. Heck, I'm listening to it right now :).

Also, Kerry King has said this is his favorite Metallica song. And it definitely is one of my favorites too (And in my opinion, the most underrated Metallica song ever).

35 Better Than You
36 To Live Is to Die

Amazing, and difficult to replicate.

Just... nice and soft and soothing. I love this intro.

37 Sweet Amber

I do, admittedly, like this song, but the intro is its strongest asset; there are many Metallica songs that are superior overall, but I really like the intro to this one.

38 The Shortest Straw
39 Through the Never V 1 Comment
40 That Was Just Your Life
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