Best Metallica Songs After the Black Album

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1 Fuel

I expected this one to be higher than 16th.

Killer intro

The main riff is righteous. Like you’re caught in the middle of an explosion.
“Quench my thirst with gasoline” is such a dope lyric

2 All Nightmare Long

A serious contender for best Metallica song of all time

It's tough to decide between this and The Day That Never Comes.

This is amazing.

3 The Day that Never Comes
4 St. Anger

One Of the worst from 2003-present - wriddhak

Awesome song best from after black album except hardwired

5 Bleeding Me

I think this is the best song after the Black Album in my opinion! Should be number 1.

6 I Disappear
7 Until It Sleeps

Best song my Metallica anyway

8 The Memory Remains
9 Cyanide
10 The Unforgiven II

The Contenders

11 Mercyful Fate
12 Whiskey In the Jar
13 My Apocalypse
14 Moth Into Flame

Amazing song, as good as the earlier stuff in my opinion,

15 Hell and Back
16 Suicide & Redemption

It's the best

17 Spit Out the Bone

Best song on HWTSD. Riffs, Lyrics and solo are amazing

Why tf is this only 22? - Idiot244

18 The Judas Kiss
19 King Nothing
20 Turn the Page
21 Thorn Within

This should be in the top 10 or even in the top 5 easily. How are songs like St. Anger ahead of this? This song rocks!

22 Low Man's Lyric
23 Carpe Diem Baby
24 Hardwired

Favorite Metallica song post-black album. Only the lyrics are kinda messed up.

Best song return of the original 5 albums

25 No Leaf Clover

Perfect song for an amazing concert.

26 The Outlaw Torn
27 Frantic
28 Poor Twisted Me
29 The Unforgiven III

This is actually one of their best songs ever.

30 Hero of the Day

Death Magnetic shouldn't be in here. DM is pretty much old Metallica - Sabbath

The list isn't called best old-sounding Metallica songs, it's only talking about their date of release, and DM was released after the black album. - Songsta41

31 Some Kind of Monster
32 Ain't My Bitch

Seriously underrated! - Brobusky

33 Devil's Dance
34 Better Than You
35 2 X 4
36 Mama Said
37 That Was Just Your Life

This is my favorite, and I don't understand why people don't see how well established song this is.

38 Wasting My Hate
39 Fixxxer
40 Attitude
41 Rebel of Babylon
42 Hate Train
43 The House Jack Built
44 Atlas, Rise!

The best on Hardwired in my opinion, next to Spit out the Bone - SoldierOfFortune

45 The Unnamed Feeling
46 Just a Bullet Away
47 Sweet Amber

Raw brutal and most importantly heavy as hell. I can't get enough of this song so good all the way through and the lyrics have a fantastic meaning. Not my favourite but god it's good

48 Shoot Me Again
49 Bad Seed
50 Cure
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