Best Metallica Song With Robert Trujillo As Bassist


The Top Ten

1 All Nightmare Long


2 The Day That Never Comes

This has got to be the best song with him. This song is a masterpiece from Death Magnetic album, the best from the album. But why is St. Anger stuff on here? Bob Rock played bass on that album, not Robert Trujillo.

3 Cyanide
4 St. Anger

In the studio, it was their producer Bob Rock who played the bass for St. Anger (The album), not Trujillo, while Trujillo was hired after the album was done, and only appeared in the music videos and played the songs live.

5 Frantic

Robert didn't even play on the album. Bob did. - CantFigureAUsername

6 Some Kind of Monster
7 The Judas Kiss
8 The Unforgiven III
9 That Was Just Your Life

The bass on this song... - Metallicawhovian12

10 Broken, Beat & Scarred

The Contenders

11 Hell and Back
12 Spit Out the Bone - Metallica
13 My Apocalypse
14 The Unnamed Feeling
15 Shoot Me Again
16 Rebel of Babylon
17 Atlas, Rise
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