Old Vs. New: Nicki Minaj Vs. Metallica

Gemclasylum Nicki Minaj and Metallica are completely different artists, but they have one thing in common: They were both popular in the music industry. But Metallica was obviously more deserving of fame. How? There are hundreds of ways, but let's stick with one.

Nicki Minaj was born in Trinidad and Tobago. She became famous because Lil' Wayne noticed her "good" rapping (it may have been decent at the time, but now it's annoying). She then joined a group called Young Money, which disbanded quickly after Nicki wanted to be solo. Nicki then started releasing her own songs, such as Super Bass, Pound the Alarm, and Starships. All of these songs were either on two crappy pieces of garbage in the music industry called "Pink Friday" and "Roman Reloaded". Their names make so much sense, right? Anyway, she also had songs that didn't play on the radio, but were equally as bad, or worse than her singles, such as Roman's Revenge or the notorious Stupid Hoe. Stupid Hoe proved she fought with another rapper (Lil' Kim). Stupid Hoe also proved she couldn't write her own music if it didn't include words like (don't say these to your parents) "bitch", "ass", or "hoe". Not only that, but she proved she was incapable of creating a beat for such an offensive song to cover the lyrics up. Super Bass, Pound the Alarm, and Starships were doomed because they all had overdoses on autotune. And this has continued until her newest piece of trash song: Anaconda. Anaconda easily takes the cake as the song with all the bad components in it, stealing from Sir-Mix-A-Lot, rapping really slowly, saying cuss words left and right, and relying on gross and immature lyrics as well. So, up next is how Metallica's fame was far more deserved than the excuse for music we call Nicki Minaj.

Now we have metallica. Founded in 1981 in San Fransisco by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich. Their be but album, kill em all, was not very high in the charts, but it was still amazing. James' vocals enough to be able to scream Nicki Minaj's fake butt off over the greatness of his genius riffs that are perfectly over the legendary bass lines of the late Cliff Burton. This also came with the fitting drumming of Lars Ulrich and all topped off with one of Kirk's eargasmic solos. Their next album, ride the lightning, showed Metallica's softer side, with the beautifully composed fade to black, and also showed their true heaviness with songs like ride the lightning and trapped under ice. And of course, we have the Cliff solo in for whom the bell tolls. Now, we get to their most popular work; master of puppets. The riffs are better than any album ever, just pure heaviness and more of the greatest solos ever from Kirk. It was also the last album to feature Cliff, and he gave it his best on Orion, the greatest instrumental of all time, only call of ktulu will ever come close. The next album (...and justice for all) introduced us to Jason Newstead. He was good, but he was no Cliff. But, Cliff or no Cliff, they were still as heavy as ever, and composed the musical masterpiece: one. Their next album was self titled, but usually called the black album. It wasn't as heavy, but it still had great riffs and the best James Hetfield vocals of any album. His growls made the whole thing worthwhile. Their next albums weren't as good, although they did redeem themselves with death magnetic, and I can't wait for their 2015 album!
Long live metallica!

So, as you can see, Metallica have bags of talent and Nicki couldn't create a descent piece of music if her life depends upon it. So, we shall give metallica the win for our first episode of old vs new!


Nailed it. - IronSabbathPriest

Nothing against Nicki but Metallica is a legendary band! Metallica won't win - Metallica will DESTROY Nicki! - Alexandr

Seek and Destroy. Hopefully. - PositronWildhawk

Good one pos! - gemcloben

My Dad loves Metallica - Pony

Heh. - NuMetalManiak

Nicki Manaj doesn't stand a chance. - nintendofan126

Nailed it! - EpicJake

You can see who wrote what! - gemcloben

You wrote the Metallica part right? - RiverClanRocks

Nicki sucks, Metallica is awesome. Need I say more? - RiverClanRocks

I loved that hilarious post! - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

I think that Roman Holiday (I think it's called) by Nicki Minaj has got to be my all time least favourite song :-D and One by Metallica is one of my all time favourites, legendary - EvilAngel

I only listened to one Metallica song and yeah I already know Metallica is better - visitor

I e heard two Metallica songs, and they are better than all of Nickis - Therandom

Could you follow me Gemclasyum? - Therandom

Metallica: 100,000,000,000
Nicki Minaj: 0 - visitor


I think Metallica is better... - Therandom

Just out of interest, do you ever turn off capitals? - IronSabbathPriest

Really? Huh. You have no taste in music, girl. 😝😝 - Pony

U haven't listen to metallica. Give the name of 5 metallica albums - MrQuaz680

Because she's your favorite celeb other than jb. I knew you liked Nicki Minaj - TheKirbyCreeper999

In glad your inactive - TheKirbyCreeper999

Metallica is better - EpicJake

Yeah, comparing a singer from a genre you don't like to a band from a genre you like will definitely make the former terrible than it already is. You might as well compare J.K. Rowling to some kid that does blogs on the internet.

Why can't this site stop acting like they're analytical geniuses all the time? - visitor

I agree. - visitor

Yes! That is So True. - CoolCat999

Trust me, in our next one, the new will win - gemcloben

Well...Well..Well.. Looks like SuperHyperdude proved himself that he's Sherlock Holmes. - Delgia2k

True that. - Delgia2k

Nicki Minaj. And I'm proud to say it. - visitor

I feel so bad for you. But if you would prefer to listen to mainstream crap rap instead of meaningful heavy metal, then it's fine with me. - visitor


METALLICA RULES! I love them. They are my favorite band! - visitor

Metallica for the win! One of the most iconic Metal bands of all time and my favorite.I'm proud to be metalhead cause at least I have a good taste,and I can't imagine how Much Nickki Minaj sucks. Sing to the tune of I'm proud to be an american - MrQuaz680

Nicki Minaj = Ebola - visitor

At least Metallica isn't famous because of his ass... - visitor

Nicki Minaj and Metallica have absolutely NOTHING in common. I will say though that Metallica is 1,000,000 times more better than that overrated piece of crap Nicki Minaj. - visitor

This post is ridiculously stupid, in a good way because its funny! LOL! Oh, and to answer this post, Metallica, duh. Nicki has nothing against them - visitor

Nicki Minaj deserves the creeping death for her evil music - visitor