Master of Puppets, and 5 other Metallica songs better than that

We all know and like the band Metallica, who have written some great songs back in the 80s, but then got terrible later on when they abandoned thrash metal and Cliff Burton died from that bus accident. However, during those years of Metallica's golden age, there was that one song that everyone liked and said it was the best metal song ever, which was Master of Puppets. Of course everyone would like that song since it has 8 minutes of real metal, but is it really the best Metallica song? I don't think so. Today, I am here to give you 5 Metallica songs that I find better than Master of Puppets, which while that song is pretty good, it doesn't deserve all its praise, and is nowhere near the best Metallica song.

These songs here, are just some Metallica songs I really like better than Master of Puppets, that you might've skipped for Master of Puppets. Also, I will try only to include one song for each album I am going to list here, so that you will see songs from various albums instead of just a bunch of songs from Ride the Lightning or ...And Justice For All. Finally, this is my blog post, so it is my opinion, but if you see a song I missed, then it's fine. If you disagree with this whole thing and find Master of Puppets the best song ever by Metallica, and can't respect opinions, then why don't you leave this page right now.

Phantom Lord - This is probably the most underrated song, and maybe my favorite song from their debut album, Kill Em' All, along with The Four Horsemen and Seek and Destroy. I know that album does have a lot of different thrash metal songs in it, but this song just seems to stand out. It has some of the best riffs in the album, and after a really good solo, things start to get slower and more soft, kinda like a normal 80s Metallica ballad, but the opposite, where the thrash comes first, and then the soft part. This is just a pretty good Metallica song overall, and worth checking out.

Ride the Lightning - Here comes the title track of the album before Master of Puppets, which was Ride the Lightning, my personal favorite Metallica title track, and better than Master of Puppets, ...And Justice For All, and St. Anger. This may not be the fastest Metallica song out there, but it is pretty heavy, and has probably one of the greatest solos in all of heavy metal history. The solo goes on for about a minute and a half, and every single riff in this song is great. The song itself, is actually a lot better than Phantom Lord, and gets a spot for one of my 5 favorite Metallica songs.

Orion - Almost everyone's favorite Metallica instrumental, from the album Master of Puppets is actually better than the title track, and so are some other songs from that album. This instrumental shows the talent of all four band members greatly, with lots of guitar solos, and an excellent Cliff Burton bass solo. Lars Ulrich's drumming isn't too bad, but still better than it is today. Also, this song is similar to that of Holy Wars... The Punishment Due by Megadeth, as they both are pretty much two completely different songs, merged into one. However, Orion is better just because.

Dyers Eve - My favorite Metallica song of all time, which I have first heard from playing Guitar Hero: Metallica, and always enjoyed as one of my favorites. Sure it may not be as long as Master of Puppets, but this is one of those songs that prove that music doesn't have to be very long or complex to be good. Instead, it takes great talent from the members, and some angry lyrics to make this one good. Lars Ulrich's drumming is at his best in this song, and Kirk Hammett plays a really great solo in this song, one of Metallica's best. James sings pretty great compared to other songs in this album, and this song is just pretty great overall.

All Nightmare Long - Oh look, even a song from Death Magnetic is better than Master of Puppets. Sure Death Magnetic may suck compared to 80s Metallica, but it is still pretty good. I almost thought about putting The Day that Never Comes or Suicide & Redemption on here, but lets face it. This is the best song from Death Magnetic, as The Day that Never Comes is great, but not better than Master of Puppets, and Suicide & Redemption, well, it was the worst instrumental that wasn't a short bass solo that Metallica has ever done. I like this song because of it's dark sound, and great solos.

So there you have it. There are your five Metallica songs that are better than Master of Puppets. Looks like I did a great job proving that Master of Puppets is not the best Metallica songs, and that there are better songs. Also, for the last time, I am not trying to make any of you mad by saying this, but I am just stating my personal opinion, that Master of Puppets is the most overrated Metallica song. Even Enter Sandman I would consider less overrated, and that is only because I like that song better than Master of Puppets, and it isn't considered everyone's favorite on this site. Anyways, I hope this helped you realize that there are other songs that you are probably missing out, and I recommend you listen to each of those songs I put on there. I guess I'm finished for now.

Well, I may have another blog post explaining why Stairway to Heaven isn't the best rock song of all time, or even the best Led Zeppelin song, that is, if this blog post doesn't receive lots of hate, so much, that it is said to be one of the worst blog posts known to everyone of this site. I am just stating my opinion here, and I hope you learn to respect it if you haven't already. And that is all for today, I guess I'll work on the next part for my Reviewing Every Iron Maiden Album blog post series.


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