Fade to Black


An incredible masterpiece. More meaningful than One or Master and it has one of the most incredible guitar solos ever. This song is incredibly deep and should be number 1. I have never heard a song so wonderfully composed to be soft and pleasant but still heavy and epic. The way it fades away at the end, it stays true to the title. The musicianship with Kirk's shredding, Cliff's epic bass skills, James' Singing and Lars' Drums, this song could not possibly be better. It takes the best of all music and combines it into one amazing song. Greatest song ever, in my opinion and Metallica should get more credit for this song than they do.

I sometimes think that the people who vote for this are not true Metallica fans. They only know a few songs by them, like Enter Sandman, One, and Master of Puppets, then they vote for them because that's all they know. I've been listening to Metallica for years and Fade to Black is still my favorite song by them. Most of my top 10 contains songs from Kill 'em All and Ride the Lightning and there's barely any of that on this top 10 list. People are really missing out if they are only listening to the popular songs.

This the best song I've ever heard... The epic guitar is marvelous... I'm one of those teenagers who love hard metal songs and thrash metal... Rather than listening to of Lady gaga who achieved a grammy award for telephone?! Metallica's every song deserves a grammy award... Metallica is the best band ever made... I wish this epic band lives forever and ever...


This is by far the best song I have ever heard, out of any band ever, when I saw this in person when I was 13 it completely changed my taste in music, I continue to listen to metallica almost daily as it has been my favorite band for as long as I can remember.

The best song ever to be made. The lyrics are unmatched. Definitely the song that would be playing if I ever commit suicide. The song starts with morose acoustic guitars with a splendid, gut wrenching, emotion filled final guitar solo. The BEST OF THE BEST! Metallica!

Fade to black should be number 1. Due to its intense guitaring and opening I think it's the best song. In all Metallica's concerts fade to black is played more than any song. And compared to master of puppets no doubt it has a very nice solo and drumming but the song is devilish. Fade to black is a deep song, it gives me goose bumps no matter how many times I hear it.

The solo after the second verse was mind blowing. I mean Kirk just took out heaven from his guitar and James played great with the acoustic guitar. Drumming was cool but wasn't the main attraction. Of course bass was awesome as it was played by the God of bass-Cliff

Probably the best Solo in Heavy Metal history at the end. Words cannot describe my love for this song, seeing it live was a dream come true and Hetfields repeated "Goodbye" at the end of the song when they play is live gives me goosebumps every time, and then in comes the solo backing which just fits in absolutely perfectly, and then that epic solo. This song definitely gets real when that famous riff comes in after the second chorus. - Boydy_23

I originally fell in love with Metallica because of the song "master of puppets" but this song made me feel more. It was like the most epic thing I've ever heard and now my passion for Metallica is 1000x greater then it was before I heard this awesome song! Go Metallica!

A heartbreaking tale of loss, depression and thoughts of suicide. This song combine Kirk's amazing abilities of creating a sweet melody and Jim's emotion-laden lyrics and one of the greatest guitar solos in the history of the genre. One of the top ten greatest songs of all time.

Fade to Black

Fade to Black

I heard this song much later then Master of Puppets and honestly fell that it is much better than a number 3 position. The lyrics also are very touching because it addresses the situation I was in... That being said, Metallica was at its best in the song

I'm honestly stunned how this isn't at least second. Why is one in front of it. One is the first song Metallica wrote where you can notice a big change in there style and they stuck with that for a while until death magnetic. Fade to black deserves second

This song is a masterpiece of Metallica. It contains all the elements of Metallica, starting from the eerie intro, the soft-yet-emotional riff, the heavy chorus and then the fast but melodic solo. The lyrics are very touching, especially the four last lines.

This touches the soul man! The best song ever... Metallica simply rocks... There are no substitute for these living legends... Hands down! Keep rocking

This is the song where the true Metallica's talent shows out! This and "The Unforgiven" series songs are the kinds which any Rock music lover would love it. Metallica is not only a good heavy metal band, but also a great Rock band. This songs is the proof for it.

The first time I heard the beginning solo of this song by kirk I was instantly hooked to both Metallica and guitar, this is the song that literally inspired me to start guitar.

I love the change of tempo near the middle, I heard that in late 80's, people were killing themselves over the lyrics, but I would disposable heroes to be their best song, but it wasn't on the list. But this for me is number two.

Fade to Black encompasses everything that every member of the band is fantastic at, and it was released when Metallica were in their prime. I love Master of Puppets and One, and I think they deserve the top 3, but Fade to Black deserves number 1.

The best rock ballad EVER! Great intro, stunning riffs, amazing lyrics and charismatic James's sound - that's the reasons why I love this song

This is an absolute masterpiece. Master of Puppets is in my opinion a little overrated (nonetheless brilliant) but this has to take the top spot. Vote this up guys

Been a Metallica fan for almost 15 years now and this still stands out as their best for me.

I'm still yet to hear a better live song from the boys... Kirk absolutely shreds this live, think this song means a bit to the band too

The song is about wondering if this life is worth living and wishing to be dead. In the last 2 verses the person in the song realizes life is too good to let go, but by that time, its too late: "No one but me, can save myself but its too late. "

'Fade to Black' has probably my favourite solo of Metallica. The song creates a very special ambiance and the lyrics are truly beautiful. It's an exceptionally sad song, even for Metallica, which just adds to its value. - jarunia17

It is simply the best metal song ever! No matter what, the lyrics are very touching, the melody of guitar is awesome, drum beats are superb and overall the song is so melodic and electrifying! Better than any Metallica song.