Master of Puppets


No doubt this is the best Metallica song EVER! I can only reiterate how great the vocals, riffs, bass, drums, and all that awesomeness is! But for me the best part of the song is that the lyrics are about drugs. Ahem, let me rephrase that. The lyrics are about the NEGATIVE EFFECTS of drugs. Next time you listen to it, listen closely to the lyrics or look them up and you'll see that they are describing how drugs mess you up completely. Not often that you'll find a heavy metal song that isn't glamorizing drugs, but putting them down. Sweetness of a song.

Metallica is one of those bands that every single song I hear by them is just amazing and I can't get enough of it and every one of their songs could compete for the title of "most epic metal song ever". In fact, their songs only get better and even more exciting the more I listen to them! I love Metallica so much, and this has to be the greatest metal song of all time. There is no denying its energy and sheer power, heaviness, and that riff!

Talk about a hard choice! Master of Puppets is a juggernaut musically speaking and lyrically speaking. What social commentary mixed in with innovative metal music. I will say the best tunes by far are on Master and Lightening. Kill 'em all and Justice also have their fair share of classics. But those early albums helped many people get through troubled personal times.

Yes! I was watching a theme song video, I believe the channel it was on is called Levi's Layer, and a part of this song was used as the theme for 079 ("Old A.I."). Huge thanks to the SCP fan world for getting me fully into Metallica! I must say, being a 14 year old girl listening to bands like Metallica, System Of A Down, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Black Sabbath, and Iron Maiden kind of sets me apart from others at school. Also, all rock fans should listen to the band Starset. I am a die hard fan of the guys, and you should start with the "Transmissions" album.

Its real hard to choose the best song in this list, all the top 10 songs deserve equal respect. Master of puppets is just the insane song ever made! This song is over a decade older but still shines like a star. They don't make the same music anymore..
Brilliant vocals by James, badass lyrics, perfect speed and tempo, well played drums, sweetest solo by Kirk and perfect riffs, Cliff's last impressions. RIP Cliff Burton

I will never forget when this 9-year old girl walked by me and my dad. We were at a cover show and the cover band was playing "Master of Puppets" and the little girl was covering her ears. It shows that almost 90% of the United States has lost ability to listen to other music. Anyways, this song is legendary and is ranked #7 on the top 10 hardest songs to play on guitar.

Master of puppets was the last album with Cliff Burton. He was the only member of the band who studied formal music theory. The song and the album are just amazing. The whole feeling of powerlessness is strong. The guitars are awesome and the lyrics are great. The one two punch of battery and this song are unmatched to this day.

Mesmerizing song... I agree with one of the comments where they say James' voice is incredible- it is! The solo is so amazing- melancholy, yet metal!

This song is a must for everyone to at least listen to once- It indeed is a metal anthem and deserves this top position!

I've been lisnen 2 metallica since I was 10! And this was their very 1st song I herd! N it LITERALLY changed my entire life now I'm 6years into heavy metal and dude this is still the best song every iv heard! Hetfield seriously made a masterpiece of lyrics n the main riff! GODLY! The bridge is amazingly melodious for such a heavy and fast song
On the whole it sums up the entire legacy of metallica that changed thrash n heavy metal forever... Some of my frndz 2 got into metal because of this song n this song was also their very 1st metal song!

I this song to much so does my dad and mom! I am friends with Jason and I agree with the person that wrote underneath me! But a lot of my friend HATE this song and Metallica and I say that "well you don't know what real music is". So I love this song so much. Rock on.

THANK YOU to the kid below me. I'm in the same situation. Everyone is into the garbage these days that they call "music." I'm 13 years old and I love Metallica, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Journey and Blue Oyster Cult (but especially Metallica. Everyone is shocked when they hear that... It's annoying!

Who cares what people say about this band there the stupid one's missing out on a great baddass band and this band is the GREATEST ever that I have heard and when I heard this song I was shocked for a while then I started hearing it over and over till my mom got mad... Who's your master? ;)

At least they got #1 right. I don't know about the rest of this top 10. How come Creeping Death wasn't a top 10? What about Ride the Lighting? Most of the song son this top 10 are from that black album, but the best Metallica songs are found in the albums before that!

The one choice on the list I totally agree with. Although I think every song from the black album should be omitted from the top 10 & replaced by Battery & The thing that should not be, & creeping death swap places with One this is otherwise a great list

this is the best song of all time forget best metallica song its the best song out of every song made by every band ever formed! this is such a good solo! metallica owns every band ever but megadeth is so close... oh so very close...

Although I prefer quite a few bands over Metallica (yes, Megadeth included), I have to admit this is my favorite song in all of music, and the first song I learned to play on the guitar. In my mind, this is the best song in all of metal. Period.

Master of puppets is metallicas best song hands down. One is a very good song but it wouldn't make my top 3 songs. Master of puppets was so brilliantly written both lyrics and instruments it can not be challenged by any song.

This song no doubt about it is one of the best songs by Metallica, along with Ride the lightning, For whom the bell tolls, the Unforgiven 1, Enter Sandman, One, and Fade to Black

Also being 13 I couldn't agree more, I hate all that pop and rap crap, I like bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Avenged Sevenfold, other then that this song is amazing, this is also the best metal album ever released!

This song is just a classic example of Metallica's sound. The opening riff can instantly be recognizable by ANYONE you play it to. They're releasing a new album in a week (November 18, 2016), and more songs might be added to the list.

Most people say that Enter Sandman is the Metallica anthem but really it's Master of Puppets. It's 8:03 of in your face guitar riffs and lyrics that'll make you wanna yell them at the top of your lungs.

The obvious choice, but in the end the only possible one. Many Metallica songs are great, but this is the greatest. Chills down my spine, especially live, the solos are spectacular, the whole structure is amazing, the vocals are some of Hetfield's best, and the drumming, bass and guitar riffs make for some great headbanging. Obey your master!

No surprise that this song is up here at the top. It's by far their greatest song instrumental wise, and the vocals of this song send shivers down my spine every time I listen. This song is in it's rightful spot at the top!

The best metal song ever! A song that you just can't get bored of. From the kick ass riffs, kirk's solos and the lyrical content, this song is a thrash metal masterpiece!

I am only 12, and I seem to be the only kid that I know who actually listens to old metal, and not all that death metal junk. Even though this is an 8 minute song, I still love it and could listen to it multiple times in a row.