Nothing Else Matters


This song is the meaning of music, the Hearts art. Angels sing this work of art to the sinners in hell, one Single time, letting the sound of Silence Echo in their souls. Far from the heart. When this piece of sky hits the Eardrum the trust you seek is found for a concise moment.
A passing moment. This song is a lamentation, the funeral and the birth of the trust in Proximity. Longing. Music is beyond time. The sound Touches me and I never care, and I know. We are forever. I found a different view. A different way of looking at people, at Distance, at the world, at life, at the spirit. And that is when I realize that nothing else matters.
No nothing else matters

This is one of the favorites of the majority... Though it's metal, it has the touch of classical n melody... Especially the lyrics, it's more than amazing... It depicts the bond between those guys... It seems while talking on the phone he accidentally got hold of the first music piece... That's how it was composed after that... An amazing one... Keep it up guys!

How on earth this song isn't on the first position? Beautiful intro, great solo and James sings it with his clear voice, never as clear as in this song! EVERYBODY loves it despite not everybody is Metallica's fan. There are no two ways about that it's the most known and the best song of Metallica! MASTERPIECE!

I feared this song would be right here. It's far too deep for most people to understand I guess. Those drums alone pounds so much emotion into one person that it isn't even funny. It doesn't have to be really heavy but it sure as heck is amazing.

Nothing Else Matters, Enter Sandman, Unforgiven - I.. These should be the top 3 metallica ever! Incredible. Incredible music by them, really! I remember days tripping all day long on metallica... And those days are not yet over!

I learned the solo 4 this thanks metallica for creating this great song and solo and a special thanks to james hetfield you inspire me and I'm 14 so thanks you guys make me wanna be like you, you are all gods to me especially kirk hammet and james hetfield

The intro starts and my heart melts... I think Metallica created a wonderful song, I hope my grandsons will still hear this, without it the world would be a poorer place. It has, just like stairway to heaven, a very special place in my heart m/

Okay so this is the most amazing song ever... It fits it in all of my moods whether its the joyous mood or gloomy, the song just fits fine. And it fills me with as much calmness and reassurance as a Christmas prayer would do to a clergy.

This song goes really well with all forms: Rock, Orchestra and Acoustic. Wonderful music, and wonderfully sung. You can play it with any instrument: guitar, piano or violin and it sounds amazing! The last solo part brings goosebumps!

This is the most well known song that Metallica has ever produced and with good reason. Nothing Else Matters, But this song. It's inspired millions of people and is even often times considered as the wedding song for many couples.

The Black Album is Metallica's most creative album to me personally. Every Megadeth album was very creative. But the black album got Metallica loved more. Nothing Else Matters is one reason why I'm a fan of the band and the album.

this song isn't only my favourite metallica song, it's my favourite ever song! perfect pace, lyrics and the best guitar solo i have ever heard!

This is one of the Best song ever made. It should be on top. you do not agree with me? Try listening to it while you are stoned. you will know what I mean.

This is my favourite song ever. I listen to it a minimum of 5 times a day. The guitar solos are amazing! And as well as his voice, he sings so perfectly in this song. All together, this is the best song Metallica has made by far.

Just like Enter Sandman, this song isn't one of their best, just one of their most popular. This is a song for your mom to listen to, or for a non metal fan to listen to and think that they know something about metal now.

Beautiful! So beautiful! The whole intro is so amazing and when the singing comes in you're literally blown away! Best listened to in high quality with noise canceling headphones

Should be number 1, Anything else just doesn't come close to this masterpiece from the greatest band ever. Nothing Else Matters is the perfect blend of Meaning, Music and Mind put in one incredible song.

Lyric was so meaningful.. True, I think all you hear judge their songs by the guitar rift and so on, but I think this songs lyric is so powerful it tops all solos they have ever made...

This is the the best intro... Never had I seen before
This song is in E minor scale... I suggest my friends who want to learn guitar must listen. This is specially attractive song for guitarist.

I feel drunk when I listen to this song... Thinking how can anyone make such music... Easily best Metallica's songs and my favourite song of all time... Please people vote... At least get it above enter sandman

Absolute best song by Metallica. It's calm and serious. One of the best slow metal songs ever, possibly THE best ever! - A7XfoREVer

First Metallica I ever listened to and still remains the best ever!

An epic... signifies that Metallica are much more than a thrash metal band!

They are simply the best band of all time!

A true Masterpiece of music, as this song has musical genius written all over it. Brilliant vocals and lyrics, and a soul searchingly powerful solo... Just epic in its entirety.

I strongly believe it is the first because its a good song on the guitar and I can play master of puppets and so far nothing else matters is the best song that's what I think

Beautiful song and the guitar is just brilliant. It can't be judged it can just be enjoyed and praised. Words and not enough to praise this song.