One beats out Master by a small margin (sorry, Master, you still have a place in my heart from being the first really hard song I learned on guitar).

Where to begin. How about the actual beginning. The sterile clean chorus sound to me isn't lush and beautiful, but unnaturally clean, sterile, soulless. EMGs played 101% clean (with chorus! ). It has just such a clinical feel to it. I love it. The sterile soulless sound fits the theme of the song so well. The intro solo just has this technical style to it, and so epically opens the song, telling you that it's one of those songs that's going to be legendary and epic.

When the verse begins, it just has this soft, pain-filled vocals that along with the guitar tone, just screams hospital-stuck, in my opinion.

The chorus just shows the sudden outburst nature of going insane, before just giving up, because in life, there's no winning.

The bridge just tells you straight up to buckle your seatbelt. It wants you to ...more

I have to argue that this is UNDOUBTEDLY THE BEST Metallica song to have ever existed. Master of Puppets is more like talking than singing and this really shows how good James and Kirk are at guitar and writing songs hat seamlessly shift between a slow and eerie tune to a heavy dark chorus and then to a slightly medieval sounding post-chorus/pre-verse. Sorry it's long but this song has so much perfection!

My 3 favourite songs of all time are One, Inside the Fire by Disturbed and Surfacing by Slipknot, but One is the ultimately best song that has ever been created in my opinion. The song is so good I can almost feel the incapacitated soldiers pain that you hear from the first half and anger that you hear from the second half, such a good job they did with the lyrics. I love beautiful guitar play in the intro, the miserable sounding verses and choruses, the fast paced, angerfull singing (nearly screaming) and there are awesome solos in this song. Have listened to it many hundred times and will hear it again thousands of more.

This is my favorite song beside 21st Century Breakdown, but that isn't by Metallica, now is it? One is the greatest song ever, especially if you really listen to the lyrics and try to understand what it's about. I almost cried when I found out what it was about lolz. - JaykOli

Master Of Puppets is great, but One is much better. The atmosphere and melody are gripping, the songs starts off with such an amazing intro, the melody being so amazing, and builds up to awesome drumming in the thrash metal part of the song. This song is the most special and unique Metallica song ever, should be number 1. - EvilAngel

It's slow and mellow at first then the drummer goes crazy (don't know his name, please don't hate me) then Kirk plays one of the best solos of all time and James delivers one of the best vocal performances ever... Master of Puppets is really awesome but One the type of song that the average person would hear it then listen to it for days. The average person would probably hate Master of puppets cause it's so thrashy (which all true Metallica fans like me love) but if One had the national exposure enter sandman had, it would be top 5 best songs ever

There is just ONE band that can make music like ONE and they are Metallica. I don't know why this song is on number 2. It should be on ONE. The intro just gives me shivers and then it takes me to another world. ONE of the best solos from kirk.

Nothing from the Black album should be in this list. Any song from any of their first 4 albums are better than the Black album songs.

If a band put out the Black album as their first effort you would give them credit for writing good songs but they are a very distant second to Metallica's classic albums when the band was still hungry & putting everything into their songs.

The thing with this song is that even if you play it 100 years from now, it'll still send you that shiver down the spine when you hear them break into the epic guitar piece at the end. That's like a million lightning bolts unleashed on you.

Absolute masterpiece. The intro is the best intro out of metal I've ever heard and the first hit of the snare gets me every time. The first 4 minutes and the last 3 minutes are like totally different songs in style but the story in the lyrics is consistent and they only get stronger as the song goes on. Also, Kirk's best solo in my opinion.

Metallica is the best at mixing sadness with a slow, but heavy rift. I have yet to hear another band that can wright a song that is so dark and slow then bursts out really fast and frantically and make it work. Here are the best bands ever Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax. None of them can do what Metallica can in this song.

Am amazing song by an amazing band. One of the best solos of all their songs to date. The lyrics convey a deep meaningful message that is sure to stand the test of time. I still personally believe this is their best song to date, even with their newish album Death Magnetic out.

I think "Master of Puppets" is highly overrated. It's surely one of their best songs, but no way it beats "One". I prefer how "One" is more complex, the composition has more texture to it, the transitions are better, and Kirk's solo at the end is a deal-breaker. - ThatStrangeKid42

Well there was this list you made the highest Metallica song on there was One. And One was number 6. The list Top 10 best songs of all time. The second highest was Nothing Else Matters number 46 Master Of Puppets was 60 Fade To Black was 120 Enter Sandman was 282 last I found was Blackened 496

So much emotion in a song. There is not a single swear word yet it describes war and death with such justice that it really touches the soul. This song starts out slow and then the machine gun style picking starts. The solos are amazing and in my opinion this is the greatest song by metallica ever.

"The conducting was amazing (Thanks Cliff)". Cliff Burton was dead when this songs came out and died (1986) before it was even written (1987). & Yes, the song is a masterpiece even by classical standards. Truly amazing amount of talent displayed by all members of the band on this one.

I used to think Ride the Lightning or Fade to Black were the best but when I started learning this song on guitar I found out this was dope! The bridge arpeggios', the solo, the heavy part, the clean part, the drums and lyrics are perfectly blended into a masterpiece

This is the best song of Metallica. It is also my favorite song showing the truth behind Metallica. I've grown up listening to Metallica and own every album. I am 11 and don't listen to pop I listen to metal and only metal this should be the #1 metal song ever created

The first song I heard from Metallica, the first song I learned on the guitar from Metallica, the first song I played in front of 500 people. Truly good, never gets me bored. Its just the best song from Metallica, better than master of puppets, and my favorite song. Cheers!

This song just has a great guitar piece in the beginning. It starts out with your soul being flushed away into the air. Then comes the solo. You heart it pumping. And when the drum's double kick comes in. You just start to go wild. Way better than master of the puppets!

1 of the greatest songs ever! On long rides in the car I just listen to this the whole time. Its very rare to hear a song this perfect. The message was very clear which I like because most songs I hear r completely pointless. Hands down the best Metallica song ever!

This is a powering juggernaut of a song. It lulls you into a false sense of security with the slow opening, then shreds that security into tiny bits with the solos and chorus. Its everything Metallica wanted to be, all rolled up into One. (Pun not intended) - Aigloblam

First Metallica song I ever heard, the one that made me interested in Metallica. I am always excited when I hear this song being played. The truly original intro that turns into a guitar solo that gets your heart racing. Love it!

The best Metallica song ever. Lars's kick drums are amazing one of the best solos by Kirk and James has one of the best tones he's ever had. My favorite song ever and this got my 13 year old head into metal.

Its such a shame that bands don't make songs like this anymore it sets a new standard for metal and Metallica. I LOVE IT