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21 Wherever I May Roam Wherever I May Roam

Definitely should of been in top ten, easily one of there best songs

This song deserves to be in the top tens... One of the best songs I've ever heard... Metallica live forever... The lyrics make me think about myself in another aspect... Truly deserves to be in the top ten

Best track on The Black Album. Maybe their best ever!
"The Road becomes my bride. I'm stripped for all but pride. "

What 21! For real?

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22 Damage, Inc. Damage, Inc.

39... this just isnt my day...
the opening riff after that soft suspese build up! just incredible - 678rob754

Tough to choose between Dyers Eve, Disposable Heroes, Fade To Black and this. The intro makes me think of Cliff rising to heaven wit angel wings, wearing his denim and Misfits shirt, smoking a cigarette and giving everyone the finger. Of course, he didn't die until after this song, but still.

This is absurd! How could this song be so low? Damage has the fastest instrumentals of all time. James says, "GO! " and it erupts into some of the best stuff ever created. I'm disappointed Metallica fans that so many of you have overlooked this gem. - cws480

Damage inc. is great! Sometimes I feel it doesn't get a lot of credit though!

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23 Whiplash Whiplash

A little less known but one of the fastest if not fastest songs ever.

This song is a fast starter. At the very beginning I'm banging my head to it. Its bad ass to say the least.

Whiplash is definitely the fastest song ever! The hard riff turns into brilliant thrash metal, hammets solo couldn't be better, why isn't it in the top ten

Great song but it's underrated!

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24 Fight Fire with Fire Fight Fire with Fire

this song is that fast that it melts me from existance ever time I listen to it the fastest guitar and drums I've ever heard and I've heard fast guitar and drums all from METALLICA RIP CLIFF BURTON

Hands down Metallica's heaviest song. Think about how heavy this song must have sounded in 1984, before death metal and black metal as we know them today were even thought about. Even Darkthrone and Gorgoroth's earliest stuff, which came out nearly ten years later, pale in comparison with this song's main riff.

Well also, by this time Slayer had already come out with Show No Mercy and He'll Awaits. - Brobusky

The two fastest, heaviest riffs I have ever heard! - Rotorhead

This is a great song it's in the top 25 but it's the worst song on the ride the lightning album! That shows how good the ride the lightning album is!

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25 All Nightmare Long All Nightmare Long

This song makes you hyper energetic from start to finish. It should be the top 10 at least if not in top five.

It deserves to be in the top 10...
really awesome rift
the lyrics are breath-taking...
Metallica's new album is really good


You can't go wrong with a song about Freddy Krueger. Speaking of whom, I'm gonna go listen to some S.O.D. now.

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26 The Unforgiven II The Unforgiven II

One of my favorites. Metallica has some defining songs, but this has to be their best. Also agree with the others who have commented. This has perhaps one of the best intros, solo and instrumental by Metallica.

Such a great song and the video is just awesome... Definitely one of their best ever!

Definitely one of Metallica's best... No... Their best, definitely!... Lyrics are awesome... Music detail is great and James Hetfield has a superb voice... Should be on the top

UNDERRATED SONG! I love this song the best of the unforgivens! I love it! I can relate to this song which is why I love this song!

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27 The Call of Ktulu The Call of Ktulu

THE. VERY. BEST. RIFF. ON. EARTH. PERIOD. This was one of Metallicas greatest ventures as a band and I swear there is nothing id rather hear on the album

Seriously the best opening riffs ever in a Metallica song. Sucks that never play this live. The song is just so beautifully eerie.

All 8 minutes and 53 seconds of this song are epic. There's nothing that can beat James' and Kirk's Guitar qualities in this song.

I LOVE this song so much!

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28 Fuel Fuel

I like the version the do on the cunning stunts dvd. Turn on I'm dynamo. Into the wild I go no other place I know.

Great track to listen to while driving. This song is very energetic and features some of Lars' most interesting drumming. The one that really stands out on a not-so-good album. - jarunia17

The darn thing is just brutal the whole way through, racing along with this insane speed that gets the blood absolutely pumping - appropriate since it's a song about racing. And let's not forget the ending lyric, which is perhaps the most appropriate ending lyric to a song ever. The entire song, James puts this amazing imagery in your head of loud, thundering V8s screaming along the racetrack. Then the song builds to the climax for the final few seconds, and it's capped off by James screaming, "ON I BURN! " As a motorhead, that ending makes my heart explode with adrenaline. Absolutely stunning.


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29 Turn the Page Turn the Page


So what you're saying is that people who voted for the Thrash Songs have bad taste? I'm guessing Turn The Page is the only song you know and like by them. - Mumbizz01

This song for me is the cover song ever made. James Hetfield have such a great voice... This version is much better than Bob Seger!

This song really rocks.. It so god damn cool.. I just love it

Bob Seager made this song and Metallica remade it so I don't think it should be considered a Metallica song. But I still like this song both versions.

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30 Whiskey in the Jar Whiskey in the Jar

Grammy award winning song for best hard rock performance 2000!
WHY is it at number 20?! Should be in top 10!

This is one of the best covers of a song that I've heared in my life, I don't know why it's in this poop position.

Very Strong and Heavy GreatSong.
Must be in the Top Ten of Metallica's song.

It's not a good song. But it's very very catchy. Musha rain the ba du the ba dah!

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31 To Live is to Die To Live is to Die

So many Nu Metallica fans don't know what they are missing. I wish it was mandatory to study old Metallica before you are allowed to like them.

This semi-instrumental is terrific!
I almost cry when James says: "Cannot the kingdom of salvation take me home"
Great intro and outro as well as the main riff

Best Metallica song by far awesome solo cannot the kingdom of salvation
Take me home

First sing I've seen out of place so far.
Definitely should be higher

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32 Harvester of Sorrow Harvester of Sorrow

In my opinion, the intro riff is one of the most driving, darkest, and melodic riffs ever written. It was stuck 3 days straight in my my head the first tie I listened to it. In my opinion, it belongs up with the legends like Fade to Black and Master of Puppets. Right now, it's tied with Master for "favorite heavy song, " while Fade to Black wins for best ballad.

Here are my favorite Metallica Songs

1) Fade to Black
2) Harvester of Sorrow/Master of Puppets
3) To Live is to Die
4) For Whom the Bell Tolls
5) Disposable Heroes
6) Nothing Else Matters
7) The Unforgiven
8) Blackened

Awesome song, surprised that it's not in the top 10... one of the best intros ever!!

Really? Watch this song live in Seattle live... listen to Hetfield's scream in the beginning... you'll see why.

Underrrated. My top 10 :
1 Harvester Of Sorrow
2 Fade To Black
3 Nothing Else Matters
4 Welcome Home(Sanitarium)
5 Damage, Inc
6 Master Of Puppets
7 Ride The Lightning
8 St. Anger
9 Enter Sandman

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33 Trapped Under Ice Trapped Under Ice

Really great song with cool lyrics!

Great song... It seems different because it is of album ride the lightning which was released on 188x... I don't know proper time but this album is my favourite... And this song is very good...

Every time I listen to this song it feels like I'm on top of a snowy mountain with bolts of lightning around me, deserves at least top 20 - wolphert

Fast yet epic! Great intermezzo.

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34 The Frayed Ends of Sanity The Frayed Ends of Sanity

This is the kick ass song. Great drums by Lars Ulrich. I love the voice of James in that song. Its really one of the best heavy metal songs.

It's not a good song not a bad song its one of those songs that you hear and your like oh hey I like this song! Then you go to listen to it on YouTube or on the album or something and your like ok enough of this lets listen to some kill em all or black album or some other song! It's like in the middle of my list of Metallica songs.

Absurdly good song. Should be above all of the black album and onward. And is one of the justice songs I like most.

This song is underrated and deserves more attention. - MorbidCannibalSlayer

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35 The Memory Remains The Memory Remains

To be honest, there is probably about 5 others I prefer to this song, but seeing that how low it is and how badass it is, I just had to give it my vioe. And seeing that only 0.3% of people have voted, I have no regrets

To be honest, I can name only a handful of Metallica songs that beat out this one, and this should definitely be WAY higher on this list! Part of the reason this song is so low is because it's on ReLoad, which was a majorly underrated album just because it wasn't thrash metal, but there were some great songs on there, like this one!

The video may be a little weird, but the lyrics to this song all makes sense to the video, but its bad ass!

Song of is one of the best Metallica songs ever! Around the number thirty spot on my list!

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36 The Thing that Should Not Be The Thing that Should Not Be

This is the most powerful and intense track on the album. As the "creep" track on it, I would say that it never fails to give me and my friends the creeps. Funny that it isn't in the top 10., while it obviously should be.
And I think that it would be a lot batter if Metallica named their tour for Master, "THE TOUR THAT SHOULD NOT BE"!
Just a suggestion ok.

This song is overli underrated. come on people, just take a listen. it really gives me the creeps especially on the first listen. Very intense, very dark. This song overpowers the entire atmosphere when played. I would say that this is the second best song on the master of puppets album, and an easy top ten for me. Vote this, trust me it's the best. this song has got the heaviness, darkness and intensety that we're looking for in every metallca song.
An underrated masterpeace. it's quite big in the philippines though

This deserves to be in the top 10. It is an extremely powerful song full of badass riffs. Leper Messiah should have some credit too. No doubt Master of Puppets has the most badass songs ever!

This is the is the best of the underrated Metallica songs!

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37 The Unforgiven III The Unforgiven III

I love everything about this song, especially the intro and the solo. It makes me shiver when I listen to it. It's one of my favourite Metallica songs. It should be ranked much higher than it is now.

I love this song so much! Every time I listened to it.. There are no words! I don't think there can be a top 10 of Metallica songs. THEY ARE ALL AMAZING! Metallica are the Gods of Metal! People who have never listened to Metallica have not lived.


I never thought, that in my life ill see a song as good as this in 20th place! ITS JUST CRAZY! THERE IS NO WAY ITS GONNA STAY IN 20TH PLACE! IF you haven't LISTENED TO ALL OF THE SONG THEN LISTEN TO ALL OF IT RIGHT NOW!

Great song great lyrics

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38 Am I Evil? Am I Evil?

Come onn! 78th? Really? This is where Metallica pay tribute to their roots and do it in a way that doesn't just rip off the source material but actually improves it. I love the Diamond Head original, but this is all that with bells on.

The For Whom The Bell Tolls of Kill Em All.

Remake. Doesn't count as a Metallica song!

Fuzz! Should be higher

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39 Leper Messiah Leper Messiah

Gr8 song, and the lyrics send chills down my spine every time i hear it

Why is Leper Messiah so low on this list? It should be higher than 70. Should be at least in the top 30's! The solo in this song may be short, but it still is an awesome one. And the way James screams, "LIE! LIE! LIE! LIE! " is awesome too. In fact, everything about this song is awesome!

Why is this song so low on the list?! It should be in the top 30. That solo... Is one of the best solos by Metallica in my opinion, even though it's pretty short! The whole song in general is awesome from beginning to end! Please vote.

I love this song! One of the best Metallica songs ever!

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40 Until It Sleeps Until It Sleeps

I searched foe the list, only to vote for this song. Amazing music, awesome lyrics, awesome vocals.

Easily one of my favorite Metallica songs. Yes master of puppets is great (and SO OVERRATED ) and wherever I may roam has the best opening ever created, but people should seriously give this song more credit.

This is the best Metallica song ever! You have to take a look behind the lyrics and get into the music to enjoy it as much as I do.

Possibly one of the greatest lyrics and video ever! There's just so much behind it all!

Love this song I can relate to it in every way

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