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81 Don't Tread on Me

Y'all on crack! At least be seven and why in the world is there is there two sequels before this!

Great song it's highly underrated! Probably the most underrated song in Metallica history! This song is around the number 25-30 spot on my list!

While Master Of Puppets is my favourite album, this is my favourite song. It wouldn't fit on Puppets, but if it did, it would be great!

This sounds like a Danish mellitary march, thanks Lars.

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82 Sweet Amber

Extremely underrated most people don't know what it is, so it probably won't get higher than 50 but still listen its awesome - the-rate-it-guy

Sweet Amber does not have a solo

None of songs on st. Anger have solos! This song is not all that good! Near the bottom of my list!

83 Halo on Fire

The Last Part of this song (which includes the epic Solo) is the best thing Metallica has made in a very very long time... - Kaustab

James voted center is magical in this one. The vocals, harmonies, riff changes... Everything is just amazing and fits perfectly.

Amazing! The second part of the song is one of the best things Metallica has ever made!

To be completely honest, when I first heard this song, it was kind of meh for me. But when I heard it live at Foxborough, god damn this may be right up there with some of their other songs. This song is just amazing. If you don't believe it at first, watch it live (at least online) and then go from there because wow it's amazing

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84 Poor Twisted Me

What the hell? Why is this song number 94? This should be in the top 30's. This song has a great groove to it! I love it. I think in my opinion, this song is one of the best from the Load album. This song is probably the grooviest song Metallica has ever made. Please vote!

Some people don't really care for this song, so I heard it for the first time, I gotta say... A pretty cool song! Poor Twisted Me should be a little higher on the list.

Poor Twisted Me is extremely underrated, but a really good song to listen to! This song is one of the most bluesiest songs Metallica has ever done. Thorn Within should also get some credit. Both this song and Thorn Within should be a bit higher on the list!

This song isn't all that good.

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85 Better Than You

Not one of their best

Not a good song.

86 My Apocalypse

This is pathetic! My apocalypse is beyond godly. One of the best songs ever made. This just HAS to be at LEAST in the top 15. Amazing riffs and the lead is beautiful. Deserves a much better place. After all it's a Grammy nomination! Besides, the new album is one of Metallica's bests.

when you listen this song is sure that you remember a kill'em all album, fast, heavy, noise, sinester-mad riffs, like a brutal hammer pick faster in your head...

Great song... Love this song from death magnetic... Love its music... This song will pump your blood fast... Metallica forever

It's a lot like Damage Inc. in my opinion. This song is awesome though, it deserves to be much higher.

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87 Blitzkrieg

Let us survive the blitzkrieg! Just a little extra song on the debut album but is still great.

It's a cover not a true Metallica song shouldn't be on this list.

88 The Unnamed Feeling

Great song. Awesome destorted guitar, and the lyrics are so deep. I love st. Anger don't care what anyone says

This song just explains how I feel almost all the time. I love it.

Such an underrated song. The Unnamed Feeling is honestly some of Metallica's best work! Love this song and it should be much further down!

Higher no doubt

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89 Now that We're Dead

Very very very metallica' song. Love it

A classic and the riffs are great! - LightningBlade

90 2 x 4

What? Why 89th place? In my opinion, 2 X 4 is one of the best Load songs! The solo is the best part of the song! Everything else in this song is pretty good as well. 2 X 4 should be higher. At least in the top 40's! - johnpaularguelles

I really love the groove to this song. Especially the solo! Everything about this song is awesome. Too bad this song is underrated! Should be at least in the top 50's or higher. Please vote for this song!

An underrated song, but still awesome! This song has an excellent groove to it. Why isn't this song in the top 20's? Please vote for this song!

My second favorite song on Load. My favorite is King Nothing.

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91 Die, Die My Darling

This song is awesome... It easily deserves to be on the top ten.

If I had undergone radiation like Bruce Banner, I will turn to Hulk, every time I listen this song! - vahaghakobyan

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92 Thorn Within

This should definitely be higher than 96! This is one of my favorite songs from the Load album. I think this song should be at least in the top 30's. Thorn Within is an awesome song.

Even though it's a very short solo, it still kicks ass. I pretty much like everything about this song! Vote. - jennifersanchez

Jason Newsted said that this track is his favorite on Load. I don't blame him, this track really is awesome! I think it should be a little higher on this list.

Okay, I never heard of this track before. I asked one of my friends about this song and he said it was alright. So, I decided to give it a listen, and I gotta say... It's a really good song. It should be a little higher on the list!

Newsted again. Really cool song.

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93 Last Caress

I feel a bit rotten, having voted for this, a cover version, considering the amount of brilliant songs actually written by themselves, but 'Last Caress' (especially the way it's combined with 'Green Hell') is one of the rare examples of cover versions far superior than the original. The Misfits version is still great, too.

It's a cover not a true Metallica song shouldn't be on this list

What this is a great cover top 60 at least

musat good

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94 Crash Course in Brain Surgery

Sounds like on Ride The Lightning album

It's a cover not a true Metallica song shouldn't be on this list.

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95 Overkill

Nice cover song of motorhead the part when song stops and shut starts the song is most amazing with light vocals by hetfield makes this song better than motorhead... Both versions are good but Metallica made a diamond from gold...

It's a cover not a true Metallica song shouldn't be on this list.

96 Just a Bullet Away

This is not my favorite Metallica song... But it certainly is an awesome song.
If you r wondering why it is so low in the list... Its mainly because its in their latest album.
It's a must listen for all Metallica fans. It will show you how good Metallica is even at 2011.
I liked all songs of beyond magnetic. They r way better than st. Anger. Hate train and hell and black are also very good.

Best Metallica song ever should have been on death magnetic

I agree with this dude below. Beyond magnetic is a must have.

Not all that good.

97 Hate Train

Not all that good

98 Lords of Summer

AWESOME! I love lyrics! When I was listening to this song first time I thought that in the end it will be said that Lords of Summer will never return, winter will be enternal, chill, hate and pain will stay forever, stuff like that... I was very suprised when James singed he last line: 'Now that Lords of Summer have returned'. Besides music background is really good! Guitar, bass and percussion, EVERYTHING! I love James's voice!

A newer song from the artist, it have a special guitar reef, could be suitable to issue in a extended 12 inch edition, whit the mind not to destroy this song

This song has a special guitar reef, could be very suitable to issue in a extended 12 inch edition, whit this mind not to destroy the song

In 40 easily

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99 Shoot Me Again

amazing pump up song... ok lyrics.. it really gets oyur blood boiling before a big game...

Best song off of st. anger! I love the lyrics SHOOT ME AGAIN I ain't DEAD YET!

100 Confusion
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