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101 The Struggle Within The Struggle Within

What the hell! This song should be in the top 20's or the top 10's. Everything about this song in my opinion is badass! The intro is pretty kickass and the solo as well!

Are you guys kidding?! This song is one of the best from the Black Album! I can't believe it's number 80 on this list. This should be way higher.

STRUGGLE! And then that epic solo comes in and after that solo ends, a certain riff makes you want to start a mosh pit! This is seriously one of Metallica's best songs!

This song is underrated! Great jam!

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102 Loverman Loverman

This song has a beautiful relation between light and romantic feeling and screaming of pain feeling

It's a cover not a true Metallica song shouldn't be on this list.

One of James' best vocals. Nice tribute to Nick Cave!

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103 Stone Dead Forever Stone Dead Forever
104 So What So What

This is an amazing cover of a great song. Out of all of the songs on disc 2 of garage, inc., it has the best production. This is such an underrated song and should at least be in the top 25 of best Metallica songs of all time. Sure it has the most amount of cussing but it is the heaviest song on the whole album.

I know it is cover, but it is Great! It is one of their best songs! What is it doing here?! - ThePavkostek999

It's a cover not a true Metallica song shouldn't be on this list

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105 Dream No More Dream No More

Just THE best. This song has a unique sound which hasn't been heard from Metallica since their debut. Give it a try. You might just call a legendary beast to listen to it with you.

106 Wasting My Hate Wasting My Hate

great song, pity there's no solo - CrFoSy

One of the best Metallica riffs

Beautiful song, great chorus, lyrics, guitar! One of the best Metallica's from Load

This song wasn't very good around number 70 on my list.

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107 Human Human

GREAT SONG! ONE OF THE BESTS FROM S&M CONCERT! Why aren't you voting? Great Intro, Great Percussion, Guitar and Chorus and Lyrics! And when James sings I feel to scream with him. I weren't expecting this song to be in the end of this list, I think it's really UNDERVALUED! VOTE!

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108 Bad Seed Bad Seed V 1 Comment
109 Rebel of Babylon Rebel of Babylon

Rebel Of Babylon is a great song to listen to. I think this is my favorite song off of the Beyond Magnetic EP.

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110 When a Blind Man Cries

Amazing Cover of Deep Purple's version. Metallica for life!

This song sucks even the deep purple version sucked!

111 Sabbra Cadabra Sabbra Cadabra

This is the song which lifts me to Metallica country... As some other songs do... If it would bhe a original Metallica song it would be in top 10 I know that but it's a cover song and that's why it's here so low... Bus starting riff is amazing and vocals are extraordinary by hetfield... Really a master piece... Better than turn the page let's take this song more higher...

KICK ASS song "Metallica owns every rock song out there"

This song is by Black Sabbath, but Metallica's version is maybe even better

I love this song. One of the best from Garage Inc. Sabbath song. Still kick ass.

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112 Shoot Me Again Shoot Me Again

amazing pump up song... ok lyrics.. it really gets oyur blood boiling before a big game...

Best song off of st. anger! I love the lyrics SHOOT ME AGAIN I ain't DEAD YET!

113 Prince Charming Prince Charming

Great Guiter Sound Great Lyrics Underrated Song Should Be In The Top 10 At Least - NuMetalRocks

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114 ManUNkind ManUNkind V 1 Comment
115 Am I Savage? Am I Savage?

I love this song. I love this album! This whole album should be at least top 25 - heavymetalrocker777

116 Here Comes Revenge Here Comes Revenge
117 Attitude Attitude

I was alittle disappointed when I heard this song I mean you see the name attitude and you think damn this song gotta be full out metal but it's really not a disappointing song.

118 It's Electric It's Electric

Amazing cover song! This is one of my favorite songs on the Garage Inc. Album. I love the solo and pretty much everything else to this song! Please vote.

It's a cover not a true Metallica song shouldn't be on this list

119 The Wait The Wait

All the song on garage inc. are covers and are not true Metallica songs and shouldn't be on this list.

120 The Prince The Prince

Black Album version of Hit The Lights.

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