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141 Through the Never

Through the Never deserves to be way high! At leat in the 20's! The rapid intro and mad as solo from Kirk really makes this song awesome. Please vote!

This song is really underrated. The only reason it is so low down here is because not many people have heard it. This is one of my favorite tracks off of the black album.

137#? Are you kidding me? This song has a really cool guitar and one of the best drum beats by Lars. Top 40# at least!

Nothing from the black album should be this low on the list it is their most commercially successful album for a reason plus this is a good song anyway Metallica forever p.s. I voted for One first.

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142 Just a Bullet Away

This is not my favorite Metallica song... But it certainly is an awesome song.
If you r wondering why it is so low in the list... Its mainly because its in their latest album.
It's a must listen for all Metallica fans. It will show you how good Metallica is even at 2011.
I liked all songs of beyond magnetic. They r way better than st. Anger. Hate train and hell and black are also very good.

Best Metallica song ever should have been on death magnetic

I agree with this dude below. Beyond magnetic is a must have.

Not all that good.

143 The View

The table deserves higher

I am the table - Disturbedpotato

TABLE - Brobusky

This song is not great, it's bad. Hilariously bad.

I am the table! - Skullkid755

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144 Brandenburg Gate


145 Pumping Blood
146 Hate Train

Not all that good

147 Rebel of Babylon

Rebel Of Babylon is a great song to listen to. I think this is my favorite song off of the Beyond Magnetic EP.

Not all that good.

148 Junior Dad

Best song from best album


149 Little Dog
150 Death Is Not the End V 1 Comment
151 Vulturous V 1 Comment
152 Mistress Dread

This is a great song.

153 Dragon
154 Frustration
155 Cheat on Me

I want a song from lulu to be in the top ten just so the more narrow minded Metallica fans get annoyed

Just voted to tell peop;e lulu is okay not great but okay definitely not the best

156 We Did It Again



157 Temptation V 1 Comment
158 Lords of Summer

AWESOME! I love lyrics! When I was listening to this song first time I thought that in the end it will be said that Lords of Summer will never return, winter will be enternal, chill, hate and pain will stay forever, stuff like that... I was very suprised when James singed he last line: 'Now that Lords of Summer have returned'. Besides music background is really good! Guitar, bass and percussion, EVERYTHING! I love James's voice!

A newer song from the artist, it have a special guitar reef, could be suitable to issue in a extended 12 inch edition, whit the mind not to destroy this song

This song has a special guitar reef, could be very suitable to issue in a extended 12 inch edition, whit this mind not to destroy the song

In 40 easily

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159 Ronnie Rising

Best cover song ever made with knocking on heaven doors by guns n roses... as this song ronnie rising by Metallica I.. it features 4 songs of dio... I will give it rank 2 with 1st for whom the bell tolls... best song of 2014 guys just listen once you will enjoy it and listen to old dio versions... this one is 101 times better... but love dio he is legend... and legend always remain's legend

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160 Hardwired

I was surprised about how good this song is. I was expecting it to be more like Enter Sandman, but nope, It was more of a Death Magnetic-like song with some Motorbreath.

It's quick and concise. It holds a thrash sound and sounds like there's a sense of urgency throughout the song, which fits the theme perfectly. Since it's from their latest album, it is way down on this list.

I expected a lot more but it is growing on me a bit. I hope their new album is great cause I'm EXCITED for their new album! - Metalmaniakkk

One of the greatest songs from newest album. - Disturbedpotato

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