Best Metro Station Songs


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1 Shake It

This song is so good! Every time I hear it, it makes me feel like dancing and it gets me really high!

This song is the BEST. if they had not break up I think more songs as awesome songs as this will be produced. ROCK ON M/

The fact that this song is number one surprises me in no way, shape, or form. It is their best. - AftertheAngels

this song is the bomb,
its too bad they broke up - anthonybecerra831

2 Seventeen Forever
3 Kelsey

Can anyone tell me any songs like this one or California?
I really like them ^. ^
And right now I'm just trying to reach the minimum quality

4 True to Me
5 Wish We Were Older
6 Control
7 California
8 Disco
9 After the Fall
10 Tell Me What to Do

The Contenders

11 Love & War

An amazing song amazing by an amazing group, I used to think these were a one hit wonder but this and seventeen forever proofed me wrong as well as many others

12 Where's My Angel

My favorite song by this wonderful group :D

13 Getting Over You
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