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1 Metroid Prime

Maybe I'm I little bias because this was the first game I've ever played. But I've played the first one and hated it, played the 3rd one loved it, played, prime 2, 3, also loved it, fusion and hunters didn't leave any lasting impression but weren't bad. never played Metroid 2 or Zero Mission, Metroid Other M was good as an action game but as a metroid game it was complete crap. The top three games were with out a doubt Metroid Prime 1, Metroid Prime 3, and Metroid 3. Echos

May be my favorite game ever. I only played it for the first time in 2009 when I bought Trilogy. It was the first Metroid game I played. After I have gone back and played The original and Super Metroid. They just don't make me want to play them again Maybe it was not getting health at save stations or the poor boss battles (when you fight Ridley in Super Metroid it just feels like your waiting to see who runs out of health first and dosen't feel like your skills helped win the battle. To this date I have replayed the Prime trilogy 4 times. I have also played Other M. Alright but flawed.

Prime combines great gameplay, beautiful environments overflowing with style and personality, a plethora of items and upgrades to collect, a perfect difficulty level, interesting enemies, stunning boss fights and epic music to form not only the greatest Metroid game of all time but one of the greatest video games ever made.

One Of The Best Games Ever - VideoGamefan5

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2 Super Metroid

This game is strong in every aspect. The graphics are great, there is a high variety of environments, the overall ambiance is dark and creepy. The soundtrack is fantastic, it's one of the best Metroid soundtrack.

The gameplay is excellent, the game doesn't force you do go to a specific area (this is what I didn't like in Zero Mission, you always knew, where to go, and it didn't give you that feel of free exploration). Here you can freely explore until you stuck somewhere and you need to find a specific weapon / equipment to continue. The game always helps somewhat and this is my favorite thing about SM. It doesn't tell you directly, but always give you a clue. For example, there was an area, where I couldn't jump higher, but there were enemies around it... I wished, I could jump on them somehow. Later on, the player get a freeze weapon, and immediately, I knew where to go and what to do without the game show the specific place on the map. And I could say many examples. It's a ...more

Such an artistic masterpiece. The music is haunting and perfectly fits the atmosphere. The backgrounds are well concieved and often creepy. The action is top notch. The control is perfect for what it is. And the story is brilliant beyond belief. In my opinion, it's not only one of the best games for the SNES, but one of the best games ever made. Also, it's like an updated and perfected version of metroid 1... But also a sequal. Metroid Fusion and Zero mission were done in the same style and were really good... Super Metroid takes the cake. The direct sequal 'Other M' was really good but people hate it because it was heavily story focused... Which is fine by me. My only agreement with complaints is why she wouldn't use her powers without permission. They could have easily rewrote a better reason than to save face with a jerk commander she had a secrect crush on. The primes to me were mediocre and deviated largely from the main franchise. Metroid pinball is garbage. Metroid 2 would be ...more

If you were trying to show a friend what Metroid is all about, and he'd only play through one of the games, it'd be this one. This game pushed the limits of the SNES to the max, and was larger than any game ever made at the time of creation.

This game is where it's at. It just drops you off into the world and leaves you to figure it out, and that makes it incredibly satisfying when you succeed. The upgrades are the best in the series, and Brinstar's atmosphere was top notch.

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3 Metroid Fusion

Interesting game play, beautiful retro graphics, and interesting story elements ranging from exploring Samus's past, to a deeper insight into Metroids, to even a new creature that she needs to be concerned, Metroid Fusion has much to offer. If you're exploring the dark, mysterious research station, or facing down one of the many unique bosses, you're bound to have fun with this Metroid GBA title.

Hands down the best Metroid. Metroid Fusion had (in my opinion) the best plot, I felt like I was playing the game with meaning not just running around shooting enemies. I loved it every time you gain a new ability knowing that can back track getting passed an old obstacle that you once couldn't uncovering a secret area or something. My favourite part of this game was coming in contact with SA-X wether it be hiding or running form your life. For me this was an amazing game to grow up with and I think that Metroid Fusion deserves to be number 1 of the Metroid series.

Featuring some of the most beautifully detailed, stylish art and animation backed by possibly the most effective use of sound and music in the franchise, Fusion is a vast improvement over the already superb Super Metroid that makes more of an effort to convey a story while still retaining that isolated, signature Metroid feel.

Really great Metroid. Some people don't like how linear it is, but image the game with out Adam the computer. It helps contribute to the plot where the computer turns on you. Metroid fusion wouldn't be Metroid fusion without its linearity.

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4 Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Agree with the guy below. It is horrifically underrated. This is the best Metroid game. It seems people don't care if you put actual creativity into a game, just give them the same thing they saw when they were a kid to wet fanboy pants. This game features very unique and intricate puzzles, puzzle bosses, challenging bosses, and a whole new world which you can explore both the dark and light side of. The non-linearity of Metroid is at its maximum in this game. You have to figure out what to do, where to go, how to get there, and what to do once you're there. You really feel like you're actually Samus Aran in this game. Her and the player are one entity. Throughout the game, and especially at the end, you feel a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence as you progress, while overcoming the overwhelming odds against the Space Pirates, the Ing, and Dark Samus. Amazing story, amazing gameplay; you're missing out if you havn't played this.

Where to begin? Body language, spectacular bosses with no anticlimax battles, having no precise direction to take (especially if you deactivate the Hint system), new power-ups, improvements for others, new visors... The most challenging game of the trilogy... or the entire licence, the longest game of the licence, new races, new planet, new riddles... This is the closest game to replicate the glory of Super Metroid... No wait, it did... by simply being its own Metroid! Echoes IS the best Metroid game.

After playing all three Primes, Echoes is definitely the best of the three! It's so underrated! The world is immersive just like the other two but this one has the perfect feeling of isolation that Corruptions fails to obtain. The boss battles are thought provoking and actually need skill to defeat. The music is stellar and use of the dark Aether makes the game feel bigger without feeling cheap. The puzzles are intricate and very clever indeed and like others have mentioned, the ending makes you feel like you've accomplished something. This is my favourite Metroid game by far.

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is horrifically underrated, and deserves more attention. It has great puzzles, cutscenes, lore, and gameplay. It combines the exploration of Prime with the difficulty of Fusion.

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5 Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

The first Metroid game I ever played on the first console I ever owned. Great controls, bosses, graphics, and environments combine to form an amazing experience for any player.

My favorite Metroid game. Excellent graphics, awesome controls, epic story and well-built characters. The boss fights are also great. And it has a challenging difficulty not too easy, nor too hard.

Out of the whole trilogy, I liked this one the most. Best environments, best controls, most epic story, and hypermode was awesome! The last boss could've been better, though :(

This is THE definitive gaming experience! This is excellency, beautifulness and classic - everything on the same time! The controls we're so good, I can't find better anywhere! Everything in it is perfect, only three bad things come in mind:
1. I would have liked a bit longer game
2. No escaping sequences (there's the reactor at Norion, but that doesn't count as escaping)
3. A bit more save stations and collectable skills could have been implemented
Very, very good work anyway. Congratulations, Retro Studios! By the way, if you see this, tell me this: IS PRIME 4 COMING FOR THE SWITCH!? :OOO

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6 Metroid: Zero Mission

The Zero Suit sequence made things more intense than Fusion as a whole. Tons of replay value. Plus... THAT GALLERY!
I also liked the difficulty levels and time attack mode.

Being a remake of the original it has amazing graphics and was interesting. It gave samus the zero suit and also had the original morph ball location. Very nostalgic and very fun

So glad this is above the original Metroid. It's better in every single way. The original didn't age well at all, this takes that game and makes it a lot better, and it even adds a cool part with Zero Suit Samus at the end

My 5th favourite game of all time

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7 Metroid: Other M

The day I was playing Super Metroid and suddenly got bored, stood up, and put in Other M instead I knew I really liked this game. And I was labeled a heretic.

I agree with the flaws - the story, while good, is paced incorrectly. The character of Samus was mishandled. The relationship with Adam is awkward. The power-up system is less satisfying.

It's the other 95% of the game that makes it great.

This game has an engrossing story, wonderfully-written characters, a beautiful soundtrack, and gorgeous art direction. Even then, these are only icing on the cake for the fast-paced action that none of the other games quite capture. While a very different experience due to the focus on action and lack of exploration, this game holds its own against the greats.

I don't know why people bash so much on this game. I know that the expectations on a series like Metroid was much higher, but come on, it's a good game.

It's awful. The baby

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8 Metroid - NES

This is the game that made me buy an NES all those hers ago. Absolutely classic. There's good reason Metroid and Zelda have lasted nearly 30 years and created adventure game legacy!

Very very hard, if you could beat this game your good.

If you could beat it with every item in under 2 1/2 hours or speed run it in 1 your very good.

The fact that the game, which started it all is below Other M makes me wanna cry - levtomas1998

What started it all

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9 Metroid II: Return of Samus

Awesome game, especially for its time. Stayed true to the original and expanded on it like a good sequel should. Lots of great secrets and hidden nooks to explore. This is definitely a classic.

AM2R would not exist without this game and Super Metroid. That being said, however, AM2R is easily at least as good as the latter. - xandermartin98

This game is really fun to pick up and hard to put down. If you haven't played metroid yet try this classic

Why is it at the bottom of the list?

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10 Metroid Prime Hunters

Good graphics and fun gameplay. Boss battles are really fun and epic. Great Game scenes too.

One of most epic of DS shooters, with a classic Metroid feel. A huge game with action, multiplayer, an interesting feeling of loneliness and fear, and of course portability.

Seriously the best game I ever played, I just can't get bored of it, I found the controls excellent and the multiplayer even more so.

One of my fave DS games of all time. Metroid prime hunters has it all. Awesome maps, great bosses and powerful hunters. A must have for any Nintendo fan. - IronSabbathPriest

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11 Metroid: Super Zero Mission

Seriously, if only the real Zero Mission was this good - xandermartin98

12 Another Metroid 2 Remake

So good of a remake that it actually manages to give even Zero Mission and Super Metroid a run for their money. Easily at least the third best Metroid of all time. - xandermartin98

This is easily the best Metroid game I've ever played. Milton Guasti spent ten years alone to make this game. I think Nintendo should hire this guy, patch the game up, and release this as an official Metroid game.

13 Super Metroid Z-Factor V 1 Comment
14 Metroid Prime Pinball
15 Hyper Metroid
16 Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt

Why is this on this list? This is the demo version of Metroid Prime: Hunters.

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17 Classic NES Series: Metroid
18 Metroid Prime: Blast Ball
19 Metroid Prime: Federation Force

Finally, a new Metroid game! My friend is a huge Metroid fan and he said I should try a 3D Metroid Game!

Not quite the best upcoming games, but I am still waiting for it.

Man, nobody seems to be giving this game a chance!

Finally, a game with multiplayer!

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