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1 tacos tacos A taco is a traditional Mexican dish composed of a corn or wheat tortilla folded or rolled around a filling.

There's not only one type but many even Americans are making their own kind



2 enchiladas

De mole, suizas, verdes rojas... All of them

3 quesadillas

I'm Mexican I rather much more quesadillas than taco

My mom's homemade quesadillas taste great. - Pegasister12

4 nachos

Nachos from La Bamba = Greatest meal of all-time

5 burritos

stuff inb tacos often fall out. burritos keeps them in place

Burritos are less messy than tacos

6 fajitas

I could live off these things all my life. - fireinside96

This isn't Mexican it's TEX/MEX - westofohio

7 carne con chile
8 carnitas
9 Tamales

Tamales are so good! And when Christmas and New Years comes around, it's heaven to me because it's a Mexican tradition to make tamales on those days. There's so many tamales and gosh, they're so good, especially the pork ones. - Supernatural

The best are skinny and greasy - westofohio

10 empanadas

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? Mexican Rice

The Contenders

11 tortas
12 chimichangas
13 pozole
14 margaritas
15 tostadas
16 chilaquiles

So good I have them with eggs and bacon!

17 Flautas
18 Carne Asada
19 menudo
20 Chile Relleno
21 Tacos al Pastor
22 guacamole
23 Pambazos
24 Cochinita Pibil
25 rice and beans
26 Churros
27 Mole
28 Elote
29 Chalupas
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1. tacos
2. quesadillas
3. nachos
1. tacos
2. enchiladas
3. burritos
1. tacos
2. nachos
3. quesadillas

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