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1 Giovanni Dos Santos Giovanni Dos Santos Giovani "Gio" dos Santos Ramírez is a Mexican footballer who currently plays for Major League Soccer club LA Galaxy and the Mexico national team.

One of the youngest and probably the best in three years - anthonybecerra831

Yes, I think he should be #2, he's my favorite player very skillful and amazing shooting, this boy still has a long career ahead of him he creates plays, assists, goals, He is a team player always wanting to get better, and he has he has amazing dribbling skills I thought his best goal was in the 2011 gold cup final vs usa, now that was a real beauty. He never gives up, he's the player willing to do anything for his team

Best player! My idol... I hope to play like him one day

He is super good

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2 Javier (Chicharito) Hernandez

This guy is the best he gets Mexico goals in every game, why is he in the bottom he has scored 39 goals in just 24 international matches he's played. He deserves to be number 1.

Went straight to the top he didn't have to wait to prove him self like Hugo he just gotten the opportunity he deserves! Amazing intuition great speed And humble!

Chicharito has inspired so many kids I have two little brother's looking up to him saying they want to be just like the great chicharito


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3 Luis Hernandez

He is Mexico's all time leading goal scorer! He scored many impressive goals through out many games, he should at least be in top ten!

Luis Hernandez always played for the Team and for the People!

He's the best now one can beat him

sick fam

4 Andres Guardado

He is the best. I think ANDRES should be in first place

He is a great crosser and has great control with the ball and we wont forget best player of Mexico

He always play with he's heart. And that's what it takes to be the best player ever!

He should be first he's amazing and a captain

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5 Vella

Ok who ever posted "Man all these chicharito fans probably some random girls who think he's cute he sucks missing that penalty almost cost the game against Costa Rica Vela the best he's scoring goals in Spain isn't he! " really? He just messed ok, he was the top scorer at 2011 gold cup, and so far Chicharito has scored 40 goals so far with Mexico and he even played with one of the best teams which is Real Madrid and Manchester United and bye I wrote this on July 20, 2015

He has a bad game and people criticize him. This is probably why he doesn't like playing with Mexico. The fans expect to much out of one player. He is the best that Mexico has right now.

Man all these chicharito fans probably some random girls who think he's cute he sucks missing that penalty almost cost the game against Costa Rica Vela the best he's scoring goals in Spain isn't he!

Gotta get a bit more better

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6 Rafa Marquez

He has played in Barcelona with an unmatchable first touch and those long balls from defense to the attackers he is just one of a kind

Won everything in Europe and a Mexican league title. Just needs the world cup to be better then hugo sanchez...

he's sexy and mexican oo I'm mexican best defense ever he should be #1! /! /! - missolivas

Best Mexican player of all times

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7 Efraín Juárez

Great style of play you can tell her really puts his heart into it.

Gives it his all every game and always makes an impact on the field

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8 Gerardo Torrado

He's the only one that at least try's to make a goal

He is way to old and to be honest, he sucks

Why doesent anybody think that he is the heart and soul of Mexico and maybe not made many goals but not many goals would be made without his assist

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9 Hugo Sanchez Hugo Sanchez Hugo Sánchez Márquez is a retired Mexican professional footballer and manager. A prolific goalscorer known for his spectacular strikes and volleys, Sánchez is widely regarded as Mexico's greatest-ever footballer, and one of the greatest players of his generation.

How can anyone compare Hugo Sanchez to someone like chicharito who can't keep the ball on his feet (chicharito is good and I am thankful that he has gave Mexico is the win but can't compare for mow). Hugo Sanchez is for now the best Mexican player.

This guy is number one he's is real madrid second best player in HISTORY while chicharito remained a substitute for manchester and real

Simple just one of the best of all times

Great at eurpopean soccer

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10 Cuauhtemoc Blanco

the penalty master and free kick taker of mexican soccer and blanco has a sick goal celebration and blanco is very unique

C'mon, he invented the Cuautemina, and even right now, 36 and still the best -

He is the greatest and has won Mexico a lot of gold

Him and chicarito are my role model's I look up to both of them and hugo samchez the will be remberd as legends of football

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11 Bravo V 4 Comments
12 Borgetti

Better that vela, currently had the most goals for the Mexican national team, chicharito in second..

Top goal scorer of Mexico's history

Borgetti is the best he should be the #1

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13 Carlos Vela

Carlos Vela is so underrated. Look at how well he did in his first season at Arsenal. Mexico need to give this guy a chance.

He is a brilliant player and his style of play is amazing

He is awesome plus he is my uncle

This is stupid he should be in the top 10

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14 Oribe Peralta

He is a very amazing player he has the urge to score he's certainly earned respect he's gave Mexico amazing and important goals,

He has made very important goals like, when he made a goal against USA!

He is a great player and when he has a chance to score he scores

What the heck! he should be in the top ten

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15 José de Jesús Corona

He is the best he is the reason why Mexico hasn't lost yet

Best goalkeeper in Mexico

He is one of the reasons Mexico is playing well he should be best goalie in the galaxy he is my favorite goalkepper and he is AWESOMENESS IN HISTORY

Why is that best

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16 Raul Jimenez

Good upcoming mexican soccer player

He was a great player for Club America especially his penalty against Cruz Azul in the final.

You made the goal in cola America 2015 good goal

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17 Buatista
18 Arce V 2 Comments
19 Marco Fabian

He scores from long distance and is really smart and does great passes even for cruz azul witch he made 8 goals but he could have done more but was getting ready for brasil

One of the best players in Mexico

Marco Fabian is amazing he's young I actually think he should be playing in Spain or MLS or England he has the ability to turn hopeless moments into the best he's had amazing long range and acrobatic goals such as the fc Barcelona one his attacking midfielder role serves him well, as he has the ability and creativity to make things happen

Too fat and he played on stinky Chivas

20 Pavel Pardo V 1 Comment
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