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21 Brian Eno

I love the melody, and it brings out the artist that influenced them to do what they love.

Everybody can make slam with this song


22 Mystery Disease

The best song, ever. From the first tunes to the last accord.

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23 Lady Dada's Nightmare

This song is crazy good. It messes with my mind.

24 Boogie Down

Very very good beat makes me wanna move

This should be way higher on the list.

25 I Found a Whistle

One of my favorite songs not just by MGMT, but ever. No idea why this is so low.

Why is this so low? Maybe it's just me but I love this song.

This deserves to be WAY higher. Top 5 or 10.

Deserves to at least be in top 10.

26 Introspection

Definitely one of their top ten.

Love this song! They took Faine Jade's song from the 60's and brought it into the future! Such a great sound, and with such deep meaning.

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27 An Orphan of Fortune

Sends me through a rollercoster of emotions
Should at least be in in the top 10

28 4th Dimensional Transition

Their best song! This is the song that made me a fan. The drums, the lyrics, the keyboards, the melodies - absolutely amazing. I had to listen to all of OS (which I love) because of this song. Now I love most of MGMT songs, but 4th Dimensional Transition is perfect.

29 I Love You Too, Death

Can't you understand this song? It should be the first one

30 We Care

The first in the playlist for me. Always brings on dem feels. WE CARE

31 We (Don't) Care

This should have a much higher rating!

32 A Good Sadness

This song is just amazing. It makes me feel like running in the mountains under the stars.

33 Plenty of Girls in the Sea

This song is absurd. I actually refuse to admit that it exists or even could possibly could exist. It sounds like Conkur's Bad Fur Day filtered through a kaleidoscope. Its tune is euphoric and makes me think about the joys of life and how to make the most out life and be the most happy. Heavy pschedelic with a light feel, this song is brilliant. As with every MGMT song, it is not enough just to enjoy the music; pay attention to the lyrics and message.

34 The Kid's Quartet
35 Hot Love Drama

Can't believe this didn't make top 10

You guys are missing out!

36 Everything's Happening So Fast

Its just really good. What can say/write.

Everything's happening so fast is such a catchy song. Can we all just take a minute to recognise this song. The song that never made it past their first EP. it's so beautiful

37 Astro - Mancy
38 Someone's Missing

Number 46, seriously? This song is great. Easily in the top 10.

39 Grutu V 1 Comment
40 Greyhoundredux
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