Best Michael Bolton Songs

Famous American singer-songwriter, former hard rock singer.

The Top Ten

1 When a Man Loves a Woman

A great song about this feeling - MatrixGuy

2 Said I Loved You...But I Lied

None other songs can be as hearttouching as this song.

3 From Now On
4 Only a Woman Like You
5 How Can We Be Lovers
6 That's What Love Is All About
7 We're Not Makin' Love Anymore
8 Can I Touch You... There?

Every time he gets mentioned or I read his name this song comes in my mind right away. It's the most memorable and distinctive of them all. I chose it - mood333

9 Jack Sparrow
10 Love Cuts Deep

The Newcomers

? Lean on Me
? How Am I Supposed to Live Without You

the best

The Contenders

11 Georgia On My Mind
12 A Time for Letting Go
13 Love is a Wonderful Thing
14 Reach Out I'll Be There
15 Steel Bars
16 Go the Distance
17 When I'm Back on My Feet Again
18 Once in a Lifetime
19 To Love Somebody
20 Solo Una Donna

Great song, take the time, go to YouTube and lesson to it, I guarantee you, you gonna like it.

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