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21 Crazy Love
22 Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
23 The Way You Look Tonight

One of the best romantic songs ever.. Breathtaking... Should be No2 minimum!

24 Always on My Mind

Gosh, listen at how he sings, always make me feel in love!

25 God Only Knows

If you don't vote for this it must be because you haven't heard it before.

26 To Be Loved

Lovely song, I'm not a fan of jazz but I could listen to Michael buble all day his voice is so sweet and beautiful, so cheerful...

27 Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
28 Love and Marriage
29 That's All

Probably the most entrancing, beautiful song he's sung, since he sounds like he's in love singing it. Best version ever of a great first-dance song.

30 I Believe in You

It's so upbeat and has a nice ring to it. Additionally the lyrics are nice. Loved it

I Don't Know What's More Beautiful, this song or the Music Video, Hell their both AMAZING

I Believe in You is one of the best Michael Bublé songs, should be number 1

31 The More I See You

I love it and more when he sing this sing in live.

32 After All
33 Moondance

Michael Buble's voice in this song is incredible!

34 I Got It Easy
35 Quando, Quando, Quando

How did this song not make the list? It's probably the most played song on my iPhone by Michael!

Just great, the DUO with Nelly is spectacular and at the same time softly lovely!

36 Cold December Night

It should be in the top 5.. it's a beautiful song

37 It Had Better Be Tonight

I agree with the other comment - just amazing (all those songs) + Coming Home Baby

Amazing beat And expressive passion!

The best Bublé song is this - AMAZING Latin beat, band, lyrics, and vocals. though cry me a river and I'm your man are AMAZING - this is my favorite

38 Daddy's Little Girl
39 Something Stupid

This is a great song...

40 You Make Me Feel So Young

I love this song

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