Best Michael Jackson Songs to Dance To

The Top Ten Best Michael Jackson Songs to Dance To

1 Thriller
2 Smooth Criminal

I holds the famous anti gravity lean and the famous moonwalk

This is just the best song to dance to

A full dancing machine

It has a good beat

3 Billie Jean

Best song to dance
Perfect beats and tunes...

The beat n rhythm makes to us as a dancer

Way bettee than smootj criminal and thriller

4 Speed Demon
5 Bad

When I hear this song I hmm,dance

6 Beat It
7 Off the Wall
8 They Don't Care About Us
9 Streetwalker
10 Blood on the Dance Floor

The Contenders

11 Blame it on the Boogie
12 Black or White
13 Heal the World
14 Jam
15 Dirty Diana
16 Ghost
17 Workin' Day and Night
18 Don't Stop Til You Get Enough
19 Earth Song
20 Remember the Time
21 Who is It
22 You Rock My World

This song is so amazing! You have to dance when it comes out

23 Al Capone

Good beat and catchy

24 This is It
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