Best Michelle Williams Movies


The Top Ten

1 My Week with Marilyn
2 Wendy and Lucy
3 Brokeback Mountain
4 Blue Valentine
5 If These Walls Could Talk 2
6 Prozac Nation
7 Species
8 Mammoth
9 Meek's Cutoff
10 Take This Waltz

Great movie, honest, brilliantly acted and meaningful. It doesn't give easy answers and yet it lights your way. Michelle Williams is such a natural actress!

Very good movie but was it really nessesary to see her almost every ten minutes fully naked ( full frontal and more )? Okay, she's a Delight to watch but it seems that the maker was trying to sell his movie more for the nudity than the story itself.

The Contenders

11 Halloween H20: 20 Years Later
12 Land of Plenty
13 But I'm a Cheerleader
14 Me Without You
15 Shutter Island
16 The Hottest State
17 The Baxter
18 The Hawk Is Dying
19 Suite Fran├žaise

Love during World War II between a French village girl ( Michelle Williams ) and a German soldier.

20 Manchester by the Sea
21 Dick

Personal dog walkers for president Nixon and discover about the Watergate scandal.

22 Incendiary

This is about a woman ( Michelle Williams ) who is unhappy in her marriage and to ease her unhappiness she picks men in bars to have sex ( hot sex scenes of Michelle Williams in this movie ) with. While one day she's having sex with someone she picked up she sees on the T.V. that her husband died in a terrorist bombing attack.

23 The United States of Leland

The film is more focused on Ryan Gossling and Jena Malone ( with great acting ) but Michelle Williams plays her part fantastic in this underrated movie.

24 Deception
25 Oz the Great and Powerful
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