Best Michelle Williams Movies


The Top Ten

1 My Week with Marilyn
2 Wendy and Lucy
3 Blue Valentine
4 Brokeback Mountain
5 If These Walls Could Talk 2
6 Prozac Nation
7 Species
8 Mammoth
9 Meek's Cutoff
10 Take This Waltz

Great movie, honest, brilliantly acted and meaningful. It doesn't give easy answers and yet it lights your way. Michelle Williams is such a natural actress!

Very good movie but was it really nessesary to see her almost every ten minutes fully naked ( full frontal and more )? Okay, she's a Delight to watch but it seems that the maker was trying to sell his movie more for the nudity than the story itself.

The Contenders

11 Halloween H20: 20 Years Later
12 Land of Plenty
13 But I'm a Cheerleader
14 Shutter Island
15 Me Without You
16 The Hottest State
17 Suite Fran├žaise

Love during World War II between a French village girl ( Michelle Williams ) and a German soldier.

18 The Baxter
19 The Hawk Is Dying
20 Manchester by the Sea
21 Dick

Personal dog walkers for president Nixon and discover about the Watergate scandal.

22 Incendiary

This is about a woman ( Michelle Williams ) who is unhappy in her marriage and to ease her unhappiness she picks men in bars to have sex ( hot sex scenes of Michelle Williams in this movie ) with. While one day she's having sex with someone she picked up she sees on the T.V. that her husband died in a terrorist bombing attack.

23 The United States of Leland

The film is more focused on Ryan Gossling and Jena Malone ( with great acting ) but Michelle Williams plays her part fantastic in this underrated movie.

24 Deception
25 Oz the Great and Powerful
26 All the Money in the World
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