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1 Tik Tok Parody

That is the best song ever

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2 Lez Be Friends

Its what their all about. I love it! I can't wait to peel em like a tangerine.. Stephens amazing! I've loved them all from the start and this songs just the best. I also like just another boyband and quirky

I love it and at their Gig in Brighton it was the one I got the most quished :L that was a great Gig I was right at the front!

Its just amazing and supper funny. Its stuck in my head all the day

3 House Party

Ash sounds amazing when he says 'Cleggy in the house' I swear I fell in love with him... And it doesn't swear so it's one of the few songs I can play in front of the parents.

A thought this was an amazing song along with many other MB songs, hopefully get some new material done

4 Down Parody
5 Beast

Beast's song is very exciting, sometimes smooth. It's various.

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6 Ninjas

"i'm an assassin of the dancefloor right, I silently assassinate every drink in sight"

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7 Begging

It's amazing! But love all there songs!

8 Friends For Never
9 Booty Call
10 XXXmas Buddies

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11 Fashion Innit Skit

I voted for Fashion Innit because me nd my frends fnd it hirlerious haha ITS FASHION INNIT

Its one of the funniest things I've ever heard in my whole life:)
I love all their songs but this one the most

12 Quirky
13 The Dance Routine

I love this song! It is so awesome and the video is most definitely amazing!

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14 Walk With Us Skit
15 Dubstep On Your Mouth Skit
16 Daddy
17 I Kicked a Shark In the Face
18 Strategy Wanking

Definitely one of my favorites by this awesome parody band. Crazy funny video & cool lyrics.

19 Wands
20 Pizza In Ibiza
21 Use Ya Head
22 Just Another Boyband
23 Better Than Sex
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