Best Midnight Beast Songs

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1 Tik Tok Parody

That is the best song ever

Drew ash and stefen LOVE THEM

2 Lez Be Friends

Its what their all about. I love it! I can't wait to peel em like a tangerine.. Stephens amazing! I've loved them all from the start and this songs just the best. I also like just another boyband and quirky

I love it and at their Gig in Brighton it was the one I got the most quished :L that was a great Gig I was right at the front!

Its just amazing and supper funny. Its stuck in my head all the day

3 House Party

Ash sounds amazing when he says 'Cleggy in the house' I swear I fell in love with him... And it doesn't swear so it's one of the few songs I can play in front of the parents.

A thought this was an amazing song along with many other MB songs, hopefully get some new material done

4 Down Parody

Heyaayaa your trousers just fell down hahhaahhaha

5 Beast

Beast's song is very exciting, sometimes smooth. It's various.


6 Ninjas

"i'm an assassin of the dancefloor right, I silently assassinate every drink in sight"

It is awesome I'm a ninja too!

This song makes me and my friend laugh every time we hear it.

7 Begging

It's amazing! But love all there songs!

8 Friends For Never
9 XXXmas Buddies
10 Booty Call

The Contenders

11 Fashion Innit Skit

I voted for Fashion Innit because me nd my frends fnd it hirlerious haha ITS FASHION INNIT

Its one of the funniest things I've ever heard in my whole life:)
I love all their songs but this one the most

12 Quirky

Love this song I love TMB I love ash xx

13 The Dance Routine

I love this song! It is so awesome and the video is most definitely amazing!

So catchy! My favorite song of theirs

14 Walk With Us Skit
15 Dubstep On Your Mouth Skit
16 Daddy
17 I Kicked a Shark In the Face
18 Strategy Wanking

Definitely one of my favorites by this awesome parody band. Crazy funny video & cool lyrics.

19 Wands
20 Pizza In Ibiza
21 Use Ya Head
22 Just Another Boyband
23 Better Than Sex
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