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21 Celebrate

This song is so spiriting you! Cause the music is so beat. And this song make you dance, even you not a better dancer.

This song make every celebration even better. The lyrics & the music is AWESOME...!

Its an amazing song, should definitely be on Top 5

22 Good Gone Girl
23 Boum Boum Boum

Let's face it, MIKA hasn't written many French songs to compete with his English ones, but this one should definitely be in the Top Ten, because the video clip is phenomenal and the lyrics is interesting, even though it is still quite disgusting when you really listen to the words. I also like how it has been created, but I am not going to say it, in case there are younger children. - amethyst-tazanite

I don't care that I couldn't understand what was going on. The music was so catchy. Should really be on the first list.

Love the song but hate the end of t have el video were mika is almost hung I had to pause because I was so scared!

Awesome Music! Mika is a very talented singer and he has an amazing voice which makes this song een more awesomw!

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24 Billy Brown

"Then billy brown fell In love with another man..." So funny

! This song is acctually an amazing tune! I love it! I want it at my wedding! I Want over it (sometimes) :') LOVE IT! X

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25 Live Your Life

Best song ever, meaningful lyric, upbeat. Love it!

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26 Any Other World

Just very cool... Should be in the best three with we are golden

Best song EVER. Must be at least on top 5.

27 Pick Up Off the Floor

This song starts off bad but then gets better. pick up off the floor deserves more. I know it can't beat grace kelly but I thought it would be higher than this. so it got stuck in my head for 3 flipping hours, it is still amazing!

28 Hurts

This literally explained how I felt at school on Friday. At least I know I am not alone.

29 Blue Eyes

Sad song that consoles you at the same time...

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30 Last Party
31 Good Guys

Why is this so flipping low?! Just because it is in his last album, just because it is gay, doesn't mean it is bad. Listen to this for yourself, this deserves WAY higher

32 Staring at the Sun
33 Make You Happy
34 I See You

This song is beautiful

I love, love this song

35 Love You When I'm Drunk

"Why the heck is this song 31?! Like this is AMAZING, one of my favourite songs from him!

Obviously the best choice if you listen to the acoustic version

36 Touches You

This song is great! I don't understand why it isn't popular. It progresses nicely, the backup vocals are great and Mika is wonderful of course! I mean, overall very well done.

Totally agree. I am 11 and already I like this song, also it is for both genders as well. I really don't with this list. I am the person who commented on good guys and talk about you. it really is just shocking. I don't I don't know how he makes such good songs and I want to know. touches you is so fast based and INCREDIBLE to sing to. sorry is this post is late. if you are reading in 2017, please comment and post your thoughts

37 Heroes

This song is sick!

38 Vive Le Vent
39 We Are Young
40 Over My Shoulder

Simply stunning.

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