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21 Billy Brown Billy Brown

"Then billy brown fell In love with another man..." So funny

! This song is acctually an amazing tune! I love it! I want it at my wedding! I Want over it (sometimes) :') LOVE IT! X

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22 Live Your Life Live Your Life

Best song ever, meaningful lyric, upbeat. Love it!

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23 Any Other World Any Other World

Just very cool... Should be in the best three with we are golden

Best song EVER. Must be at least on top 5.

24 Blue Eyes Blue Eyes

Sad song that consoles you at the same time...

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25 Hurts Hurts
26 Staring at the Sun Staring at the Sun
27 Make You Happy Make You Happy
28 I See You I See You

This song is beautiful

I love, love this song

29 Good Guys Good Guys
30 Love You When I'm Drunk Love You When I'm Drunk

"Why the heck is this song 31?! Like this is AMAZING, one of my favourite songs from him!

Obviously the best choice if you listen to the acoustic version

31 Heroes Heroes

This song is sick!

32 Last Party Last Party
33 Talk About You
34 Lover Boy Lover Boy
35 Ring Ring Ring Ring

What why so low. This is my jam for when I'm in the bath I put it on repeat and pretend I'm making a music video

36 I'm Falling

This demo version of "I See You" is quite amazing.

37 Comme Le Soleil
38 L'amour Dans Le Mauvais Temps

Best French song of Mika

39 Touches You Touches You

This song is great! I don't understand why it isn't popular. It progresses nicely, the backup vocals are great and Mika is wonderful of course! I mean, overall very well done.

40 Pick Up Off the Floor Pick Up Off the Floor
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