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41 Overrated

How is this the second last song! It's amazing both this version and the original demo. Amazing vocals and lyrics

Such an amazing song with fantastic lyrics and passion. I'm genuinely surprised it's not higher on this list.

Should be higher on the list. Looks like people think this song is overrated--it's NOT.

After seeing this song so far down, I now say...underrated in this godamn world!

42 Lover Boy
43 Ring Ring

What why so low. This is my jam for when I'm in the bath I put it on repeat and pretend I'm making a music video

44 I'm Falling

This demo version of "I See You" is quite amazing.

45 Comme Le Soleil
46 L'amour Dans Le Mauvais Temps

Best French song of Mika

47 Lola

Yo, I'd think at least some people would stick up for Lola. The song manages to be flirty, seductive, and bitter and cynical at the same time. Come on, guys. "Lola, I've made up my mind... I'm not gonna fall in love this time." COME ON, GUYS. This is SO Mika.

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