I Took A Pill In Ibiza Review

I Took A Pill In Ibiza, by Mike Posner.

The reason I'm writing this is a comment I made on Best Songs of 2016, on the item "I Took A Pill In Ibiza", which is the song I'm going to review. I stated I should be embarrassed to like this. But in this review, I'll talk about the song as in itself.

I'll start with the lyrics. They are hit or miss. They have some weak points, such as the opener: I took a pill in Ibiza/To show Avicii I was cool. Honestly, this is just simply lame. This is counterbalanced with the hook and the second verse, which is, in my opinion, simple and honest lyrics, about being a one hit wonder and his depression. I rate them 4/5, (Yes, I am aware that rating system is overused, but it's my first post so...) because except for a few "misses", I really like the meaning and everything else about them.

Second: the beat. During the verses, the beat is a perfect fit for the mood. It is present without being overwhelming. The synth and the percussion both work with the song. The melody fits the mood, too. But then, after the line "All I know are sad songs", it goes downhill. The drop is weak, and then the break has a different melody that doesn't quite fit. Even though, after several listens, it has grown on me, it still my least favourite part of the song. I rate the beat 3/5. (Note: I'm reviewing the SeeB remix, not the original.)

The vocals. I wouldn't call his voice that good, but it's pleasant to hear nevertheless. Also, it does convey some emotion, especially during the hook. There isn't much to be said about it. 4/5, because his "whoa" during the break brings the note down.

Finally, the overall note is 4.5/5. Even though there are minor problems such as some lyrics, the drop and the melody afterwards, the song is very good. I hope this was worth reading and explained well my opinion on this song.



Haha. I wonder when's your first metal review. Pretty good post! - visitor

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Delirium? Haha! I love The House of Shame! - visitor

The Aviici lyric and drop actually grew on me a lot when I figured out what the song was about. FANTASTIC review, especially for a beginner.

My rating of the original: Half-star/5
SeeB remix: 5/5 - WonkeyDude98

Aww thanks! You just made my day. - Elina

This is an awesome review, good job - Martinglez

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Amazing Job!
I love the song - ProPanda

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I like this song, it's pretty catchy. I liked the video too! - visitor