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21 Started From the Bottom

Wow just wow this song always gets me in a great mood

22 Henny and Purple

Such a cool song! Love the beats, this deserves to be in the top tens at least.

Love love love it!
My top 3 would be:
1#Cooler Than Me
2#Henny And Purple
3#Looks Like Sex.
Keep up the good work Mike!

23 Not That Simple Not That Simple

This song is from his honest new EP "The Truth". It's real sincere and you finally feel his true heartbreak pain.

Not That Simple from his new EP "The Truth"
This song is just amazing with great lyrics.
MIKE POSNER changed my life for sure, Forever favorite artist.

24 One Hell of a Song One Hell of a Song
25 Silence Silence

I heard I took a pill in ibiza and then I got crazy about this singer especially is peaceful and smooth voice, I opened my laptop and searched everything about mike, then I heard silence which made my overwhelming heart so silent, It is an amzing song, don't knoe why such an amazing talent is buried. mike You are a diamond, and people see u from far place and think that you are a synthetic diamond but you belong to the purest breed of singer and you must be listed in the very list of taylor swift, bruno mars, adele, you belong this way, come on guys look at him, listen him, he is a diamond, pure and clean, sharp and beautiful, love you mike posner

Mike posner is one of the best voices I ever heard and silence proves it he is amazing, he must be listed among the singers like weeknd, avchii, taylor swift, bruno mars etc. YAH HE IS A DIAMOND, SO TALENTED, SO CUTE

26 Shut Up
27 Miley Cyrus
28 Drug Dealer Girl Drug Dealer Girl
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Top Remixes

1. Cooler Than Me
2. I Took a Pill In Ibiza
3. Please Don't Go
1. I Took a Pill In Ibiza
2. Buried in Detroit
3. Please Don't Go
1. I Took a Pill In Ibiza
2. Buried in Detroit
3. Please Don't Go



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