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41 4x4 4x4

Such a catchy song! Her voice is great on it as well.

Love this song listening to it now

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42 One In a Million One In a Million

I love this song so much. This was my favorite song ever on Hannah Montana show and I still like it.
So meaningful and catchier song ever.

This is the best Hannah Montana song ever. I cry when I hear it now. I'm a fangirl so I can be pretty emotional. And this reminds me of my childhood and my HM otp Jiley.

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43 Two More Lonely People Two More Lonely People

I love this song very much. The lyrics, the beat of this song is amazing. All the songs are great and it's no doubt. That's why she is so successfull singer. I love her so much and this song. You will love it too

It's an amazing song. So energetic and meaningful song. I think most didn't hear it. If you listen I assure, you won't be disappointed.

What is it doing so way down
Here? One of her best song. People you guys need to know that her
New songs have no match with the old ones! Her old songs were great.

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44 Bottom of the Ocean Bottom of the Ocean

One of her best song. Must listen it. I assure you. You won't be disappointed.
I just love it. Her all songs are meaningful and lyrics are damn beautiful

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Excellent song by far from Miley. This song is just hot... The best Song which Miley gave us. This song expresses it and has a Catchy and nice tune. I don't know why it isn't in top ten. Listen this song you'll chill and will be so relax. Yes! Also feeling so naughty and romantic. I just loving it. Please Please Vote for this song. It's new and great song. Love you Miley...

Hot stuff! Loving it. Want see the video. And wanna crush on you again sweet pea. Make the video! Make the video!

An amazing song by far. Cool, fun, cathier, beat with her sexy voice made this song perfectly. I think I love Miley.

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46 Twinkle Song
47 You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home V 1 Comment
48 Someday
49 Drive Drive

Her voice is so beautiful in this. You should hear this song if you're a fan of Miley.

I like this song. I do believe she has a great voice.
Listening to this song just gives me joy.. I enjoy this song so much. I am wondering why her songs are so catchier.

This song ROCKS! It should have been number 1.

Such a catchy, beautifully written song that makes you want to get up and dance your heart out. LOL.
I love you Miley!
Keep going, you rock!

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50 Ordinary Girl

! This in on number 41! I love this song so much and it is the song that is actually one of my earliest heard songs. this is the song that got me crazy for Miley in the first place. arn't you in love with this beautiful ordinary girl?

I remembered...
I became your fan when I heard this song. Kind a old but still love this song. Love you a lot

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51 True Friend True Friend

True friend is awesome. I love this song anyway.

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52 Someone Else

This is one of her decent new songs. By new I mean after short blonde crazy Miley became how she is now. It's beautiful and a little haunting. A hint that cool rockstar Miley still lives inside her.

I love this song. I think many people never heard this song. She has the Most beautiful voice I've ever heard.
Listening to this song I felt so relaxed. What a range, what A tone and what a passion you feel When you hear her singing.

What?! This is such a beautiful touchy song and it's not even in top 20?

I love this song too much

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53 Jolene

I find Miley's version of Jolene better than the original.
She has such a powerful voice. I can't stop myself from listening to this song. This should've been at least in the top 10.

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54 Rooting for My Baby Rooting for My Baby

I am totally obsessed with this song. Very catchy and make me so relaxed and enjoyable. I can't leave a single day without hearing this song. Really really love this song♡

I simply love this song. Every time I heard and feel so chill. I must say it's very catchy. Definitely you gonna love it.
L❤VE YOU Miley

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55 Dooo It

We missed our old miley we love her and not you you should be "Hannah" again for us then I gotta to vote this song

Such a good song by her please vote for it

I really like this song! It rocks.

56 Hands in the Air Hands in the Air
57 Don't Dream It's Over V 1 Comment
58 As I Am As I Am V 1 Comment
59 Rockstar Rockstar V 1 Comment
60 Robot Robot

Seriously, society. Everyone thinks Miley makes awful mainstream music but she has really beautiful hidden gems like this one. It takes becoming a real fan to discover said gems. YOU HAVE THE WORST TASTE IN MUSIC SOCIETY. CHANGE YOUR WAYS. GET A HEART. LIFE IS NOT ALL ABOUT FUN AND PARTIES.

This is the only Miley Cyrus song I like.

I love this song and also Miley. I have been listening to this
Song for like ever. This song speaks to my
Soul. So much empowering. This song realised sincs 4 or 5 years ago. I still listen this song and never get feel bore. People need to
Vote for this song a lot of people love this song
It should be number lest in top ten I love it so much. Really this is awesome

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