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61 Robot

Seriously, society. Everyone thinks Miley makes awful mainstream music but she has really beautiful hidden gems like this one. It takes becoming a real fan to discover said gems. YOU HAVE THE WORST TASTE IN MUSIC SOCIETY. CHANGE YOUR WAYS. GET A HEART. LIFE IS NOT ALL ABOUT FUN AND PARTIES.

This is the only Miley Cyrus song I like.

I love this song and also Miley. I have been listening to this
Song for like ever. This song speaks to my
Soul. So much empowering. This song realised sincs 4 or 5 years ago. I still listen this song and never get feel bore. People need to
Vote for this song a lot of people love this song
It should be number lest in top ten I love it so much. Really this is awesome

62 Do My Thang

Do my thang is my favorite because the background!

Very cool song from her new album. Everyone need to hear it. Because she started also rap music. And it's so much cool. Please smiler vote for this song. It can kill your boredom and make you feel tenseless. Because
Immo do my thang.

Yall need to understand that the only reason. Its unpopular is because she hasnt made a video!

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63 Decisions
64 Ashtrays and Heartbreaks

This song not Miley's own but she sang it duet with snoop lion. Snoop lion feat Miley Cyrus. I think Miley did great and sang better than snoop lion. The video also very uniqe. I enojoy the song very much. Need to get higher place.

First time when I heard this song I thought "what kind of song I this? " Blah! But trust me now it's my favorite. I really love this song. Cool and cathier.

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65 Who Said


66 Let's Dance
67 He Could Be the One V 1 Comment
68 Life's What You Make It

Why the heck isn't this amazing song in top ten? This is like the best song.

69 The Times for Our Lives

I'm surprised this is at #64. This is my second-favorite song by her, behind "The Climb".


Nice song.I love it.I am a huge fan of Miley.I love her all the songs & this is truely amazing.
Love you Miley ^_^

70 If We Were a Movie V 2 Comments
71 Summertime Sadness

Fab song! The way she has sung is amazing. Catchy lyrics and tone. This song surely deserve a place in top ten,

Miley's version is so much better than the original. I absolutely LOVE this song to bits.
It is emotional but powerful and strong at the same time.
You keep going Miles, I believe in you.

72 My Darlin' V 1 Comment
73 Barefoot Cinderella

If anyone is in a bad mood this song is going to refresh their mind... Just listen to it.. - smiler

The song has avery good beat. It always makes me to want to sing along

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74 Dream

I love this song by Miley

75 Fweaky
76 Talk Is Cheap
77 This Boy, That Girl

How come no one ever listened to this song? Its one of miley's best! Listen to it and I can assure you that you are gonna love it! "are you the boy the boy the boy the honest truth the real mcoy" "somebody juz said hannah do you already have a man because I'm smooth like ol santana so here we go boy juz crank it up"... BEST EVER...

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78 Make Some Noise

This song is incredibly inspiring and beautiful. My sister always thought that it was one of those stupid party songs of Hannah Montana when I say that I wanna play this song.

Can't believe it's not even in the top ten, whereas Iexpected it to be in the top 10.

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79 You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go

One of the best song

80 Feelin' Myself

I just love this song it should be in top 10

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