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81 Kicking and Screaming Kicking and Screaming
82 Que Sera
83 Kiss It Goodbye
84 Overboard Overboard
85 Obsessed Obsessed
86 Before the Storm Before the Storm

Are you kiddig me! This is so down the list Miley and nicks combo is simply awesommeee. Come on guys listen to it you wouldn't regret

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87 Forgiveness and Love Forgiveness and Love
88 Dream Dream

I love this song by Miley

89 The Time of Our Lives The Time of Our Lives
90 Love Money Party Love Money Party

I like big Sean and why does everyone say
It's shon when its seen

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91 I Thought I Lost You I Thought I Lost You

I first heard it in the movie BOLT. And I'm in love with it since then

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92 We Belong to the Music We Belong to the Music
93 Nightmare

My absolute favorite. To all the Miley lovers, you have to listen to this song. Blast it as loud as you can and dance until you can't dance anymore. trust me this song is a winner, just like Miley.

Oh my gosh!
Love this song.My favorite
It's her new single which is totally amazing,Though it was leacked but

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94 East Northumberland High East Northumberland High
95 SMS (Bangerz) SMS (Bangerz)

Britney is just the star in that song.

96 Pumpin' Up the Party Pumpin' Up the Party
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