Top Ten Best Military Air Units

The Top Ten

1 Chengdu J-10

The Chengdu J-10, export designation F-10 vanguard is a multirole fighter aircraft designed & produced by the people's republic of China's chengdu aircraft corporation for the ppeople's liberation army air force - navishnu

2 F-22 Raptor

Is tough its fast its stealth its American made come on this hands down is the absolute best piece of machinery ever made

Nothing can touch this aircraft!

It's design is ugly. F-35 is better - Warwolf18

3 F-35 Lightning II

It flies through the air smooth as silk. I call it the flying death. It has weapons that can rip a rock into ten million pieces in one second. - Warwolf18

4 Harrier Jump Jet
5 Mikoyan MiG-29
6 F-16 Fighting Falcon
7 RAH-66 Comanche
8 AH-64 Apache
9 UH-60 Black Hawk
10 Hawker Hurricane

The Contenders

11 AC-130U Spooky

This is a flying death machine. With 3 guns, enemies stand no chance against fighting this beast. It has 20, 40, and 105MM guns, which can defeat almost every enemy, from ground units, to armored tanks, to huge battleships.

12 Su 47 Berket

It is the parliaments knightmare. Faster than light with hydrogen bombs. - Warwolf18

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