Best Minecraft Players

The Top Ten Best Minecraft Players

1 stampylongnose

His fails are hilarious, he only rarely swears, he is really nice, he is obsessed with cake (more than Jack dos rum in Pirates of the Caribbean! ) He is immature, (I like immature I'M IMMATURE! ) And please SKY. If you don't swear (THAT much) and stop saying budder, I will gladly subscribe. Until then... CAKE!

Stampylongnose is the best minecraft player ever and I watch his videos every Thursday and sunday 9thats when it comes on in Australia) and I'm all the way in Australia!

Hi stampy I download minecraft in Xbox360 I can't find you in minecraft please play with me

Watching his new videos just brings back the nostalgia. I just started rewatching. and man I can't wait for whats next!

2 CaptainSparklez

Captainsparkelz is hilarious and keeps everything interesting all the time. He has tones of subscribers and followers and he doesn't swear. He also went to the 2013 minecraft anniversary party thing in Paris I think. He was on the stage talking with the host and he found out how many people really likes home. Millions and millions of people love this guy. That is why he is number one. - Every3rd

Captainsparklez should be number one in my opinion
He is funny but his real strength is his insanely good survival skills... In minecraft.

Perfect, number one, minecraft player. No one else like him. There is no reason for him not to be number one.

Easily the best minecraft player, whenever he sets his sights on something he always accomplishes it. He may have a few deaths here and there, but he always recovers and gets better afterwards.

3 BajanCanadian

He deserves number 1. He's basically a boy Katniss, hilarious, and awesome at PVP. Pretty good at survival, too.

he's the best of all time I love him and he has a lot of fanart and stuff he's the best at pvp

Bajancanadian and Jeromeasf are a awesome team in the hunger games

Yes, don't you remember that music video, where they just effortlessly killed four people with a diamond axe? The people who died had armor, I think.

BajanCanadian is a good at Minecraft in general and he is of course better than me

4 TheDiamondMinecart‎

He Is Like The BEST! He Is Really Funny And Cool Because He is So AMAZING!

I watch this guy everyday I like his Christmas countdown and diamond dimensions

He is really funny and is pretty good in minecraft especially his hardcore series

Dan is amazing I tell you why one everyday he makes Minecraft videos fact and his videos always come out fun cool and perfect fact he deserves to be number one fact.

5 Skydoesminecraft

Amazing how he has time to do everything he does but if he stopped cursing and swearing as much he'd be even better. BUDDER

He is the best Minecraft player and YouTube from my childhood and present day

Skythekidrs is my friend he is the king of butter and I love butter his skin is epiclly awesome he is a amazing guy
He is so kind nice funny and I really like his youtube videos

He is racist to squid. he creates mod which makes squids look bad and he just thinks squids look bad because of nothing (that also means that he is the mastermind behind the "squid menace"). and the swearing! He swears way too much! And he even calls his favorite thing in Minecraft, gold, stupid names like budder! He is a traitorous villain!

6 JeromeASF

Jerome is so funny and is a troller to other users on mc

Dude he has Betty always dude so epic and he's so fluffy dude

He is only cool, okay

Oh shiitake mushrooms request: Leland throws London's pacifier in the toilet.

7 iBallisticSquid‎

Squid is just very FUNNY I like the way he talks and everything and I think that if stampy and squid could Minecraft videos like every time it would be just AWESOME!

He's amazing. plus started Friend or Foe and I love that series. SB737 is really cool too

Amazing. So is Stampylongnose, his mate! Cool.

He is so funny he makes me not breath any more because I laugh so hard

8 SSundee

I love his videos and his passion to not just play fortnite or Minecraft but trying out other games to ssundee WAS one of the youtubers that impacted Minecraft youtubers.

Every episode, if I don't laugh, I know something is wrong. SSundee ROCKS. #SSundee

You are the BEST YOUTUBER EVeR I have been watching your videos since the first video of modern warfare to Minecraft and a lot more tou should at least be in the top #5

He's so cool (as cool as his skin) and Funny and is so much better than SkyDoesMinecraft

9 MinecraftUniverse

He rocks with his awesome stuff and skin

He is super good at parkour, and should be at least number 3.

You r amazing your the best I've seen play hop you still play as good I would like to be like you

Minecraft Universe is one of the best Minecraft YouTubers, but I don't watch him much.

10 PopularMMOs‎

He has a amazing sense of humour and he is pretty good at minecraft

even though pat and jen is broken up I still love them for them.

Though he's been changing a lot lately he's just doing it for us

This guy does everything!

The Newcomers

? Ph1LzA

Ph1LzA had a hardcore world that lasted for over 5 years. He does generally good in minigames he plays on servers, and is great in survival minecraft. I scrolled past #400 on the list because I never saw Phil on the list, and the further I went, the more disappointed I became. Ph1LzA definitely deserves a high spot on this list. PvP skills and being entertaining are the only reasons a lot of you vote for who you vote for, and a lot of you ignore actual skill in every other aspect of minecraft. - SebMerican

He needs a bigger fan base what I mean is he should be the most famous minecraft hardcore player he even has a spalsh text that says
"Ph1za had a good run!"

He needs more love why he is being ignored so much


The Contenders

11 Antvenom

AntVenom is awesome. Nothing else to say.

Don't you know he is the best pvp player in the world he has won nearly all the youtube hunger games so please vote for this amazing guy and please subscribe (if you have a youtube channel) that is all about AntVenom except that he's an awesome youtuber so yeah that's all

How is he not in 1place he beat every one I. Hunger games

Honestly he's the best player I have ever seen, I've been in Hunger Game servers with him before n he would always slaughter everyone on the server, He is the best player skill wise!


Always has been my fave probably always will, I think he needs more credit than he gets but, Quentin is an explosive, crazy, awesome, mudkip who makes Minecraft videos about almost everything (even pixelmon! ) and if you don't know of him, you should look him up!

He's the Mudkip Pokemon

Your cute and awesome


13 Bashur

Are love this dude! He's awesome! I think he should be number 3 in the list! By the way I love his accent laugh out loud

Bashur should be number 1 because everything is funny about his accent

So my favorite., funny, not as popular as Sky but I like him the most. Huskymudkipperz was my next pick.

Can you give me a cap

14 Deadlox

Adam's friend, funny, and he is Awesome ya

Amazing I love your videos you need 2 b in the TOP 10

Deadlox you are the bomb yo you are funny I laughed loud

Wow messed up they forgot about deadlox

15 Tobuscus

Very amazing at his youtube job. He is also very funny, I've been watching him since 2007 he never gets old. Caused a great minecraft song/ meme.

I think Tobuscus is hilarious and his rants make me crack up. Try killing the mini minotaur with your diamond sword that you have a patent on. It might work better than Tar Tar.


Happy wheels, Minecraft, limbo... You name it, he'll play it.

16 Amy lee33

Amy you guys are my hero. I watch you and the others almost everyday. Like when I'm feeling down or my parents are fighting I go to you guys to cheer me up. thanks guys!

You are better than little Kelly you should be in the top ten! My sister loves your videos and I do too!

Amylee33 is an amazing builder and she is a really great you tuber. It's awesome that she shows people how to build stuff instead of just building it and then leaving other Minecraft players to just guess how to build it

Hi Amy wish I can play with you :( HUGE A TREE

17 Etho

He has the most loyal fan base that's been watching him play Minecraft for over 10 years, while most of the others have either switched to other games or only have a fraction of their subscribers watch their videos.

He makes the craziest contraptions using redstone. He knows all of minecraft's mechanics and takes advantage of him. If you haven't seen him you should definitely check out some of his single player world.

Pretty great guy who holds a personal connection to his fanbase

It's a bit upsetting how low Etho is in the list, because he far outshines nearly everyone here, though it is expected because he is a Lets Player, not a Minecraft Minigame user like other people in the list.

Yet, most minecraft minigame gamers here have lost most of their playerbase, long forgotten, and many of their viewers left them to watch other games.

Etho? His userbase is loyal, most who have stopped playing Minecraft years ago still continue to watch Etho because he is ENTERTAINING. Whilst every other youtubers lost their viewers, Etho's viewers like me has watched him for 7+ years and will continue to do so.

Funny, calm, soothing, amazing, awesome. Every single one of his videos is enjoyable to watch, each of his 500+(and still counting!) Episode of his SP Survival Vanilla LP, each series he does, everything is just so enjoyable to watch no matter your an 11 y/o boy eating snacks after coming home, or an 20 y/o undergraduate having a short ...more

18 AshDubh

Best guy ever loved the crazy craft 2.2 series

Heard of him, never watched though.

I love your cheese

I met him before...

19 PrestonPlayz

You rock king of parkour My skin is you with different close I really like you. -subscribe

I have been watching his videos for! whole year and he is a total fab.

love him

Preston is, no doubt, one of the best youtubers ever. He's just so good at everything.Don't you ever stop making videos, Preston! YOU ROCK!

He is one of my favorite youtubers and he has tought me ow to build alo. I know have 57 underwater houses and I have a world surrounded in houses and lava lairs. he deserves to be after jeromeASF

20 Notch

I think he should be higher on the list since he is the creator of the game and has mastered it very well.

This guy is #1 because he made minecraft.

He is the creator of minecraft so he knows all of minecraft secrets...


21 Natz50000

you cool

22 lforleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

He is so funny and he loves to shake his head in stampylonenose's love garden!

L for lee x id one of my favorite character in Minecraft I hope he is not just a kid because I'm a kid to I am 7 years old..

I personally think that lee is so funny and I love the cake giving bit. LOL!

He's always really good at working and giving people cake

23 MrWoofless

Excellent building skills and at least tries to make his videos entertaining even when he's doing something boring.

Works super hard to make the best content, and ACTUALLY listens to his fans, and applies their input. Very funny, and has his own cult following. JOIN THE WOOFPACK!

He is the best Minecraft player ever!

Finally, someone agrees with me!

24 Vikkstar123

He is a very funny person and has a great personality, not only in Minecraft but in real life too.

He won mine craft Monday week 4. definitely one of the best minecraft players

AMAZING at Minecraf. an probably carry everyone to a win in normal hunger games, TNT run and spleef!

He deserves to be higher because he puts a lot of effort into his videos and contents

25 L for Leeeeee x

Preston and unspeakableplays is better than him (jk) the y are the same

He's always one step ahead

The best Minecraft player ever

He hangs out with the best

26 CavemanFilms

You are a best Minecraft animation and you best Minecraft player

Cavemanfilms has quite enjoyable videos. I love his Wrecking Ball parody.

CavemanFilms is quite funny, but a great commentator.

27 Sethbling

The best of the best. He may not be as good in actual Survival as other people, but his redstone creations are top notch. (pun intended)

He is the redstone god, his creations are awesome.

He's to good at Redstone

Minecraft maps and commands wooden be the same with out him.

28 TBNRfrags

He stinks at parkour and everybody who does parkour for one day can immediately see why

He is awesome I love his tnt cannons in tnt wars

He is amazing at parkour

He is awesome

29 JackFrostMiner‎

;7. & you for not putting him in Top Ten! You do not deserve to stay frosty - Gollum

He is my 2nd favorite gamer in WHOLE Minecraft GAME

Best Pocket Edition player, and, seriously,
Why isn't he top 10

I saw him in mineplex

30 Uberhaxornova

He doesn't do much Minecraft, but he's funny as hell.

Yes he is super cool!

He is totally cool

31 RoyalShock9701
32 InTheLittleWood

The special thing about him is that he is the hole finder and faller In the world

He's quite funny.

Really good at song lyrics and more.

He's a sapling lover

I don't watch him much but most people say he's funny and cool.

33 Keralis

Keralis is the best minecraft builder ever

Keralis is awesome, he's the best in building

Keralis need to be in the top 10, because of his building and killing skills

He's my second favorite Minecraft player my first is dan lags

34 Paulsoaresjr‎

I watched almost all his videos he is the best at showing how Minecraft works and all that it has.

Love the videos, as far as I know, also contributed the name tag!

He's the one who got me into Minecraft. I love all his videos from Man vs Minecraft to Minecraft Dad to the Survive and Thrive tutorials that taught me how to play. What an awesome voice as well and he almost never swears. Paul really deserves to be much higher up this list in my opinion.

Barely swears has really funny shows and a perfect voice

35 Finnba11

You just have a really cool voice.

Your voice is so awesome

Finn ball you are awesome and will there be more finnball kingdom

Hi finnball love your videos

36 iHasCupquake

She is just amazing. She is always happy and kind to her viewers. She doesn't care if she's bad at a game she continues to do what she does for her fan. She is just an amazing person! ( I said it already but whatever) You should really consider subscribing to her or at least checking out her channel. She is also really positive which makes great fun watching her. She also has a husband (red) who is just as sweet as she is.

She does what the viewers want and she truly cares about them. I've never heard her curse in any of the videos I watch and she's always full of positive energy

Really really bright and happy, always positive. Minecraft is one of many games that she is really great at. Love her videos, they make me feel happy every time I watch them.

You are the best ever I love your oasis its swell you should do something like the first its amazing thanks for being alive cup quake or should I say thanks for playing mine craft please take your time to read this and look up the player dunhills (that's me) on Minecraft player list :-)

37 Enderbizz

Sounds like Ender Kill

Sound like Enderdragan

38 xRpMx13

The Incredibly good looking gamer how hard is that!

He is awesome and amazingly funny

Ryan is a good survival games player, really good content on his channel, too.

Really good at Minecraft!

39 Choo Choos Gaming

I love choo choo he's funny and I can relate to the Irish stuff because I'm half Irish - MinecraftGirl48

I don't really like his content, but he's a good builder.

He has a long head and green heard

You and stampy

40 ChimneySwift11

He's awesome, loves his subscribers and doesn't swear.

The best should be #1

He's a really good builder in Minecraft. He's also really funny!

What why is he so low down? He is my 2nd favorite you tuber on Minecraft (on everything)

41 Hypixel

He is the owner of the Hypixel server which is the most popular server in Minecraft and he even put up a good fight with technoblade

Hypixel is a BEAST builder and redstone-engineer

Building skills are off the top!

He is epic... And BOSS at redstone!

42 stampylonghead Joseph Garrett, known on YouTube as stampylonghead, is an English YouTuber who posts videos about the Sandbox Video Game Minecraft as the character Stampy.

He is pure awesome and his structures are epic

He is great he started as a beginner but he worked his way up to be the best

He is so kid-friendly while being funny for adults at the same time.

He should be on top of the board

43 Conman2003July
44 Sly Foxhound

Funny, he's been around forever, but no comments?

He shod be in the top 20

He is pretty good

45 ExplodingTNT

Awesome animations, and will you stop swearing?

If minecraft add pro dimension lol

His animations are just So funny! - SuperBacca

He is awesome his videos are epic

46 Joshkirbychambers‎
47 Ank

Anks okay, but I preffer stampy (I don't like stampy that much though)

48 Naan
49 Slamacow

He males God animations

His animations are awesome, I wish I could animate as good as him

Slamacow is good at animations, actually, GREAT at animations.

He is one of the best animaters in the world along with his videos

50 TheSyndicateProject

An active Minecraft player syndicate is not one to play it safe, taking challenging tasks and (most of the time) beating them into submission, he is one of the most fun player to watch and play with.

The best Minecraft player ever!

Seriously he should be in the top 20 at least. Him and Captainsparklez are beasts. Played in the first Hunger Games as well. That should give him some credit

With the second most followed twitch channel, that let's you know, he's awesome!

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