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His fails are hilarious, he only rarely swears, he is really nice, he is obsessed with cake (more than Jack dos rum in Pirates of the Caribbean! ) He is immature, (I like immature I'M IMMATURE! ) And please SKY. If you don't swear (THAT much) and stop saying budder, I will gladly subscribe. Until then... CAKE!

Stampylongnose is the best minecraft player ever and I watch his videos every Thursday and sunday 9thats when it comes on in Australia) and I'm all the way in Australia!

Hi stampy I download minecraft in Xbox360 I can't find you in minecraft please play with me

his adventures are funny and he always brings his friend squid nugget


Captainsparkelz is hilarious and keeps everything interesting all the time. He has tones of subscribers and followers and he doesn't swear. He also went to the 2013 minecraft anniversary party thing in Paris I think. He was on the stage talking with the host and he found out how many people really likes home. Millions and millions of people love this guy. That is why he is number one.

Captainsparklez should be number one in my opinion
He is funny but his real strength is his insanely good survival skills... In minecraft.

Perfect, number one, minecraft player. No one else like him. There is no reason for him not to be number one.

Easily the best minecraft player, whenever he sets his sights on something he always accomplishes it. He may have a few deaths here and there, but he always recovers and gets better afterwards.


He deserves number 1. He's basically a boy Katniss, hilarious, and awesome at PVP. Pretty good at survival, too.

Baja has played Minecraft for probable longer then my life I'm 9

Bajancanadian and Jeromeasf are a awesome team in the hunger games

Yes, don't you remember that music video, where they just effortlessly killed four people with a diamond axe? The people who died had armor, I think.

he's the best of all time I love him and he has a lot of fanart and stuff he's the best at pvp


He Is Like The BEST! He Is Really Funny And Cool Because He is So AMAZING!

I watch this guy everyday I like his Christmas countdown and diamond dimensions

He is great at keeping his cool, and knows how to keep himself alive in his hardcore series.

He is really funny and is pretty good in minecraft especially his hardcore series


Amazing how he has time to do everything he does but if he stopped cursing and swearing as much he'd be even better. BUDDER

He is the best Minecraft player and YouTube from my childhood and present day

Skythekidrs is my friend he is the king of butter and I love butter his skin is epiclly awesome he is a amazing guy
He is so kind nice funny and I really like his youtube videos

He is racist to squid. he creates mod which makes squids look bad and he just thinks squids look bad because of nothing (that also means that he is the mastermind behind the "squid menace"). and the swearing! He swears way too much! And he even calls his favorite thing in Minecraft, gold, stupid names like budder! He is a traitorous villain!


JeromeASF is my fave Streamer and I think he deserves a higher place he is so funny and has great videos

Jerome is so funny and is a troller to other users on mc

Dude he has Betty always dude so epic and he's so fluffy dude

He is only cool, okay


Squid is just very FUNNY I like the way he talks and everything and I think that if stampy and squid could Minecraft videos like every time it would be just AWESOME!

he is funny beraly ever swears and plays lots of adventure maps with stampylongnose

Amazing. So is Stampylongnose, his mate! Cool.

He's amazing. plus started Friend or Foe and I love that series. SB737 is really cool too


I like Ssundee a lot he funny he never curses and he is really cool

Ssundee is so good at minecraft and he is basically invinsible in his hardcore mode. He knows how to build amazing things and take on giant bosses. He is really funny as well

Ssundee is a nice guy and also I love his trolls .he is my favourite YouTuber of all time and I have been watching him for 3-4 years now and also sorry for my terrible english

he is very funny and his hardcore series is amazing, it is almost like creative mode.


He rocks with his awesome stuff and skin

He is super good at parkour, and should be at least number 3.

You r amazing your the best I've seen play hop you still play as good I would like to be like you

Minecraft Universe is one of the best Minecraft YouTubers, but I don't watch him much.


Pat and jen I watch all your videos and my friend wants to move to florida to meet you

He has an amazing sense of humour and he is pretty good at Minecraft

Though he's been changing a lot lately he's just doing it for us

This guy does everything!

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? Wadzee

He beat Fundy's Impossible mode twice without a single death, he beat minecraft sideways, starting in the nether and one block skyblock.

Because he has lived in hardcore mode for so long

I love you

? Dream

Not only does he have amazing gaming control, he's super smart and cunning too, I can't count how many times his tricks left me breathless and shocked ;-; it's just amazing!

He is better at everything than everyone else here at you can't change my mind

Dream is such a good Minecraft player, he killed Notch in one of his videos, even when Notch had a Minecraft bodyguard(In Minecraft)

He has done a lot of speedrunning and he is good at pvp as well as survival and kill Mr beast, Notch with a body guard and a lot of hunters.

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Knows how to break the game and also knows EVERYTHING in minecraft

AntVenom is awesome. Nothing else to say.

I think he's an absolutely great person.He loves to break Minecraft ( I mean,that's what he's mostly famous for).He also seems like a person who tell's Minecraft news.He even tells people mistakes and great things about minecraft,etc.I love him because of all these things and even more,and if Antvenom's ever gonna read this very message,I'd like to thank you for all the excitement you gave us all,and I'd also like to wish you good luck on making videos to publish on YouTube.

Don't you know he is the best pvp player in the world he has won nearly all the youtube hunger games so please vote for this amazing guy and please subscribe (if you have a youtube channel) that is all about AntVenom except that he's an awesome youtuber so yeah that's all


Always has been my fave probably always will, I think he needs more credit than he gets but, Quentin is an explosive, crazy, awesome, mudkip who makes Minecraft videos about almost everything (even pixelmon! ) and if you don't know of him, you should look him up!

He's the Mudkip Pokemon

Your cute and awesome



Are love this dude! He's awesome! I think he should be number 3 in the list! By the way I love his accent laugh out loud

Bashur should be number 1 because everything is funny about his accent

So my favorite., funny, not as popular as Sky but I like him the most. Huskymudkipperz was my next pick.

Can you give me a cap


Adam's friend, funny, and he is Awesome ya

Amazing I love your videos you need 2 b in the TOP 10

Deadlox you are the bomb yo you are funny I laughed loud

Wow messed up they forgot about deadlox


Very amazing at his youtube job. He is also very funny, I've been watching him since 2007 he never gets old. Caused a great minecraft song/ meme.

I think Tobuscus is hilarious and his rants make me crack up. Try killing the mini minotaur with your diamond sword that you have a patent on. It might work better than Tar Tar.


Happy wheels, Minecraft, limbo... You name it, he'll play it.


He is the best Minecraft player in the world and in History. He has to be placed 1st

Preston you are amazing you are a impartation to me you are the best even tho your top 16 you are the number 1 for me

He is a really good player, he is amazing in parkour, and I love him.

Preston is so COOL. he is really good in parkour. He is also is better than logdotzip at it.


He has the most loyal fan base that's been watching him play Minecraft for over 10 years, while most of the others have either switched to other games or only have a fraction of their subscribers watch their videos.

If you haven't seen any of Ethos videos you have been missing out on some quality content.

He makes the craziest contraptions using redstone. He knows all of minecraft's mechanics and takes advantage of him. If you haven't seen him you should definitely check out some of his single player world.

I have no words. Without him redstone development would be way back to 2016. Playing the game since it came out. He should be #1. Why is Stampy on #1 he didn't change minecraft community like ETHO

Amy lee33

she is probably the best female mincrafter ever . she is really nice and is really creative

Amy you guys are my hero. I watch you and the others almost everyday. Like when I'm feeling down or my parents are fighting I go to you guys to cheer me up. thanks guys!

You are better than little Kelly you should be in the top ten! My sister loves your videos and I do too!

Amylee33 is an amazing builder and she is a really great you tuber. It's awesome that she shows people how to build stuff instead of just building it and then leaving other Minecraft players to just guess how to build it


Best guy ever loved the crazy craft 2.2 series

Heard of him, never watched though.

I love your cheese

I met him before...


Notch is a great Minecraft player because he created Minecraft so he knows a lot of controls

Notch should #1 be top Seinfeld he created Minecraft in 2009 but he is a good choice to be put on the top Minecraft players

I think he should be higher on the list since he is the creator of the game and has mastered it very well.

This guy is #1 because he made minecraft.


you cool


He is so funny and he loves to shake his head in stampylonenose's love garden!

L for lee x id one of my favorite character in Minecraft I hope he is not just a kid because I'm a kid to I am 7 years old..

I personally think that lee is so funny and I love the cake giving bit. LOL!

He's always really good at working and giving people cake


Excellent building skills and at least tries to make his videos entertaining even when he's doing something boring.

Works super hard to make the best content, and ACTUALLY listens to his fans, and applies their input. Very funny, and has his own cult following. JOIN THE WOOFPACK!

He is the best Minecraft player ever!

Finally, someone agrees with me!


He is a very funny person and has a great personality, not only in Minecraft but in real life too.

He won mine craft Monday week 4. definitely one of the best minecraft players

He deserves to be higher because he puts a lot of effort into his videos and contents

Vikkstar123 is good at PvP, Parkour and just general survival Minecraft.

L for Leeeeee x

Preston and unspeakableplays is better than him (jk) the y are the same

He's always one step ahead

The best Minecraft player ever

He hangs out with the best

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