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1 stampylongnose

His fails are hilarious, he only rarely swears, he is really nice, he is obsessed with cake (more than Jack dos rum in Pirates of the Caribbean! ) He is immature, (I like immature I'M IMMATURE! ) And please SKY. If you don't swear (THAT much) and stop saying budder, I will gladly subscribe. Until then... CAKE!

Stampylongnose is the best minecraft player ever and I watch his videos every Thursday and sunday 9thats when it comes on in Australia) and I'm all the way in Australia!

Hi stampy I download minecraft in Xbox360 I can't find you in minecraft please play with me

Great comedy

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2 CaptainSparklez

Captainsparkelz is hilarious and keeps everything interesting all the time. He has tones of subscribers and followers and he doesn't swear. He also went to the 2013 minecraft anniversary party thing in Paris I think. He was on the stage talking with the host and he found out how many people really likes home. Millions and millions of people love this guy. That is why he is number one. - Every3rd

Captainsparklez should be number one in my opinion
He is funny but his real strength is his insanely good survival skills... In minecraft.

He is the best without any doubt, way better than stampylongnose the sweaty try hard

I love him! His hunger games are the best! He is really good at them and is always lucky because everyone wants to kill him!

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3 TheDiamondMinecart‎

He Is Like The BEST! He Is Really Funny And Cool Because He is So AMAZING!

I watch this guy everyday I like his Christmas countdown and diamond dimensions

Dan is the man

He is in one word "awesome! "

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4 BajanCanadian

He deserves number 1. He's basically a boy Katniss, hilarious, and awesome at PVP. Pretty good at survival, too.

Amazing at minecraft has to be one of the best if not the best at minecraft hunger games

Join me and help me I'm a noob

Bajancanadian and Jeromeasf are a awesome team in the hunger games

Yes, don't you remember that music video, where they just effortlessly killed four people with a diamond axe? The people who died had armor, I think.

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5 Skydoesminecraft

Amazing how he has time to do everything he does but if he stopped cursing and swearing as much he'd be even better. BUDDER


I don't know

Skythekidrs is my friend he is the king of butter and I love butter his skin is epiclly awesome he is a amazing guy
He is so kind nice funny and I really like his youtube videos

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6 JeromeASF

He is cool and epic as the world

I love Jeromeasf he always make my day

Jerome a godd

Jerome is so funny and is a troller to other users on mc

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7 iBallisticSquid‎

Squid is just very FUNNY I like the way he talks and everything and I think that if stampy and squid could Minecraft videos like every time it would be just AWESOME!

Amazing. So is Stampylongnose, his mate! Cool.

I think squid is just AMAZING everything he builds I admire and he is SO funny every day I watch about 30 videos because he is that AWESOME but I also like it when squid and stampy do parkour maps because if I watch squids view I feel like I am squid and then at least I can see what is at the end but NO-ONE is as EPIC as him!

Hi I watched all of his vidios

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8 SSundee

You are the best

You are the best youtuber

He's the best the best you tuber and minecrft player

I think he should be number one he is the best so is his skin.

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9 PopularMMOs‎

Wow now that's really cool and funny and nice and I love them all the time

Just the best

You are always so hilarious!

They are amazing

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10 MinecraftUniverse

How to play minecraft

He rocks with his awesome stuff and skin

He is super good at parkour, and should be at least number 3.

You r amazing your the best I've seen play hop you still play as good I would like to be like you

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Always has been my fave probably always will, I think he needs more credit than he gets but, Quentin is an explosive, crazy, awesome, mudkip who makes Minecraft videos about almost everything (even pixelmon! ) and if you don't know of him, you should look him up!

He's the Mudkip Pokemon

Your cute and awesome


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12 Antvenom

Ant has gone beyond minecraft science

AntVenom is awesome. Nothing else to say.

He should be 10 place

Don't you know he is the best pvp player in the world he has won nearly all the youtube hunger games so please vote for this amazing guy and please subscribe (if you have a youtube channel) that is all about AntVenom except that he's an awesome youtuber so yeah that's all

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13 Bashur

Nice not knowing you from Jameel

Are love this dude! He's awesome! I think he should be number 3 in the list! By the way I love his accent laugh out loud

Bashur should be number 1 because everything is funny about his accent

So my favorite., funny, not as popular as Sky but I like him the most. Huskymudkipperz was my next pick.

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14 Tobuscus Tobuscus

I think Tobuscus is hilarious and his rants make me crack up. Try killing the mini minotaur with your diamond sword that you have a patent on. It might work better than Tar Tar.


Happy wheels, Minecraft, limbo... You name it, he'll play it.

I love his YouTube shows so awesome makes me laugh until my sides hurt lol

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15 Deadlox

Adam's friend, funny, and he is Awesome ya

Amazing I love your videos you need 2 b in the TOP 10

Deadlox you are the bomb yo you are funny I laughed loud

Wow messed up they forgot about deadlox

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16 Amy lee33

You are awesome

Amy you guys are my hero. I watch you and the others almost everyday. Like when I'm feeling down or my parents are fighting I go to you guys to cheer me up. thanks guys!

I love you amylee33 you are the best! : )

You are better than little Kelly you should be in the top ten! My sister loves your videos and I do too!

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17 AshDubh

Heard of him, never watched though.

I love your cheese

I met him before...

Ash your awesome love you in the attack of the b teem Ash's Rusty Doors!

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18 Etho

it's me

Etho is the best survival redstoner, he is really good with a bow, has a great sense of humor, never swore before, knows more than notch about the game. Invented a living creature in Minecraft by the name of wilson who thinks and has emotions all in survival, alone.

Etho is a redstone GENIUS. He created an ME system. In survival. In vanilla. In my opinion, that alone qualifies him as #1. Also, he's funny, NEVER swears, and I really respect him.

Etho is one of the best Minecraft players! Great at survival redstone wins most fights in ultra hardcore and done nearly 400 episodes of pure survival I think this guy Gets at least top 2 hands down

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19 lforleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

There aren't that many e's

You are the best!

He is so funny and he loves to shake his head in stampylonenose's love garden!

L for lee x id one of my favorite character in Minecraft I hope he is not just a kid because I'm a kid to I am 7 years old..

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20 Natz50000

you cool

21 notch

He is the creator of minecraft so he knows all of minecraft secrets...

Made minecraft he deserves number 1

You the best can't belive you quit minecraft

He is notch

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22 MrWoofless

Nice youtuber like him

I likwidacji you

Excellent building skills and at least tries to make his videos entertaining even when he's doing something boring.

Works super hard to make the best content, and ACTUALLY listens to his fans, and applies their input. Very funny, and has his own cult following. JOIN THE WOOFPACK!

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23 PrestonPlayz PrestonPlayz

He is so good at parkour also I made a minecraft like him it is his lava creeper head with headphones and a different shirt

He is super cool and I've met him before

He is the best op love you you are taking a comment from 10 year old boy in india

He is better than anyone at Parkour

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24 L for Leeeeee x

He is awesome with stampylongnose

He should be removed. a Rapist and a Criminal shouldn't be on here

He's always one step ahead

The best Minecraft player ever

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25 Vikkstar123

Vikk is better than stamp Jerome nose
He's king
Best ever

Vikk should be in top ten, he is better than Mitch and way better than Jerome.

He is the best

How is he not top 5!

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26 CavemanFilms

You are a best Minecraft animation and you best Minecraft player

Cavemanfilms has quite enjoyable videos. I love his Wrecking Ball parody.

CavemanFilms is quite funny, but a great commentator.

27 Sethbling

The best of the best. He may not be as good in actual Survival as other people, but his redstone creations are top notch. (pun intended)

He is the redstone god, his creations are awesome.

He's to good at Redstone

He is awesome with redstone almost knows as mutch as notch

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28 JackFrostMiner‎

;7. & you for not putting him in Top Ten! You do not deserve to stay frosty - Gollum

He is my 2nd favorite gamer in WHOLE Minecraft GAME

Best Pocket Edition player, and, seriously,
Why isn't he top 10

I saw him in mineplex

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29 Uberhaxornova

He doesn't do much Minecraft, but he's funny as hell.

Yes he is super cool!

He is totally cool

30 TBNRfrags

He stinks at parkour and everybody who does parkour for one day can immediately see why

He is awesome

Fun,exciting,amazing minecrafter and YouTube

Excited for everything and amazing

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31 RoyalShock9701
32 InTheLittleWood

The special thing about him is that he is the hole finder and faller In the world

He's quite funny.

Really good at song lyrics and more.

He's a sapling lover

I don't watch him much but most people say he's funny and cool.

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33 Finnba11

You just have a really cool voice.

You are the best

Your voice is so awesome

Finn ball you are awesome and will there be more finnball kingdom

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34 Keralis

Keralis is the best minecraft builder ever

Keralis is awesome, he's the best in building

Keralis need to be in the top 10, because of his building and killing skills

He's my second favorite Minecraft player my first is dan lags

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35 Paulsoaresjr‎

Love the videos, as far as I know, also contributed the name tag!

He's the one who got me into Minecraft. I love all his videos from Man vs Minecraft to Minecraft Dad to the Survive and Thrive tutorials that taught me how to play. What an awesome voice as well and he almost never swears. Paul really deserves to be much higher up this list in my opinion.

Barely swears has really funny shows and a perfect voice

Doesn't swear only once in a while really funny and has an awesome voice!

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36 iHasCupquake

She is so sweet and I love her ty so so much❤

She is just amazing. She is always happy and kind to her viewers. She doesn't care if she's bad at a game she continues to do what she does for her fan. She is just an amazing person! ( I said it already but whatever) You should really consider subscribing to her or at least checking out her channel. She is also really positive which makes great fun watching her. She also has a husband (red) who is just as sweet as she is.

She does what the viewers want and she truly cares about them. I've never heard her curse in any of the videos I watch and she's always full of positive energy

Really really bright and happy, always positive. Minecraft is one of many games that she is really great at. Love her videos, they make me feel happy every time I watch them.

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37 Enderbizz

Sounds like Ender Kill

Sound like Enderdragan

38 xRpMx13

The Incredibly good looking gamer how hard is that!

He is awesome and amazingly funny

Ryan is a good survival games player, really good content on his channel, too.

Really good at Minecraft!

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39 Choo Choos Gaming

I love choo choo he's funny and I can relate to the Irish stuff because I'm half Irish - MinecraftGirl48

I don't really like his content, but he's a good builder.

He has a long head and green heard

You and stampy

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40 ChimneySwift11

He's awesome, loves his subscribers and doesn't swear.

The best should be #1

He's a really good builder in Minecraft. He's also really funny!

What why is he so low down? He is my 2nd favorite you tuber on Minecraft (on everything)

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41 stampylonghead stampylonghead

the best

He is pure awesome and his structures are epic

He is great he started as a beginner but he worked his way up to be the best

He is so kid-friendly while being funny for adults at the same time.

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42 Conman2003July
43 Hypixel

Hypixel is a BEAST builder and redstone-engineer

Building skills are off the top!

He is epic... And BOSS at redstone!

He;s the best builder in the world

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44 Sly Foxhound

Funny, he's been around forever, but no comments?

He shod be in the top 20

45 Joshkirbychambers‎
46 Ank

Anks okay, but I preffer stampy (I don't like stampy that much though)

47 Naan
48 Slamacow

He males God animations

His animations are awesome, I wish I could animate as good as him

Slamacow is good at animations, actually, GREAT at animations.

He is one of the best animaters in the world along with his videos

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49 TheSyndicateProject

An active Minecraft player syndicate is not one to play it safe, taking challenging tasks and (most of the time) beating them into submission, he is one of the most fun player to watch and play with.

The best Minecraft player ever!

With the second most followed twitch channel, that let's you know, he's awesome!

TheSyndicateProject is the greatest Minecraft player ever! SYNDICATE! SYNDICATE! SYNDICATE!

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50 ExplodingTNT ExplodingTNT

He has the best videos and funniest videos in Minecraft! (Its my opinion :v)

Awesome animations, and will you stop swearing?

His animations are just So funny! - SuperBacca

He is awesome his videos are epic

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