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321 ArrowMC
322 IJevin

IJevin AKA Brice Purton is my rival, However He's got so many diamonds and I've never seen him die in his survival series

323 ZippingGiant1
324 MrMcblader
325 Crazyboytheleast
326 Beargrills13

Sub to him on YouTube Beargrills011

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327 LordOwen05
328 PrincessGwen02
329 dartax10

He is so cool, in some YouTube videos, just having fun!

330 user786

Deserves the 1place among newcomers

331 Elldior
332 Banjan Canadian

He is great and produces great you tube videos.
He is good at survival games and cops n robbers
Therefore is a great you tuber

333 Cntrooper

Architect builder. Advertiser in some servers. Likes cheezeburgerz and emeraldz

334 Iron Fever
335 SamsonC08
336 Fire_Micky
337 King_AliReZa
338 Mr_Doom_Bringer
339 zackscottgames

He plays angry birds and Minecraft

He Is 1 Star Better Than Me

340 KotoAndSen
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