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441 Aromustus
442 WearingWeevil46

She never swears, but she swears by Minecraft (get it? ). Oh and may her first Minecraft dog rest in peace. :(

443 NoBoom

Love you noboom and love your videos and love your cube videos

444 Crafatar
445 Nicholas_Sloan
446 Xpertgamer987
447 Hulksmash8017

Love this dude needs to be top 10

448 Zsdav
449 NoobControl
450 Sloggy_Whopper
451 Cult_asus
452 Glowingamer V 3 Comments
453 Glowingamer31 V 1 Comment
454 Poketubbies V 1 Comment
455 Spencer Stout V 1 Comment
456 JEAnimalQueen

Just started doesn't do YouTube videos but is my friend she can build and survive
she has many friends that love mine craft and help her out!
- -

457 Mmapgaming

MMAP gaming is one of the best player I think, he entertain people by saying funny things. I love his channel so much that I got ADDICTED from it! I think he deserve to be in no 10

He always entertains me in a funny way. If it's jumping down to a nether fortess and dying or punching trees with his rubic cube, he should be in the top 15

458 Only1Gamer

O1G does really cool Minecraft seeds and gives very helpful tips in his videos. Everyone please subscribe to his channel. He'll be so happy. =)

V 1 Comment
459 Smallishbeans

You and lizxie are the best

Your so funny and your in love with lizzie! (ldshadowlady) <3 your 2 should be 1st in line =D

460 Dusdavid
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