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81 Smosh

Well they did 2 episodes in minecraft

If you're talking about SmoshGames, SmoshGames are really bad.

82 PeteZahHutt

Who doesn't appreciate a bit of Pete in their life?

PeteZahHutt is really good at PvP and is a pretty cool gamer/Minecrafter.

Pete is one of the best PvP'ers out there! He is funny and many have requested that he should be in the pack (I think he should be in it too! ) His videos are all edited perfectly, he streams here and there. He has recently hit 700 thousand Subs! Woo! His ign "PeteZahHutt" is based off of "PizzaHutt" so his name is on big punny joke! ;) get it? Punny? Funny? PeteZahHutt? PizzaHutt? no? ok then.. lol.

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83 Machinima
84 Monsterboy178

Is on of the nice players of hypixel and is a great friend

Best player I seen get him up

85 AshleyMarieeGaming

I watch her videos I am a guy and my name is Riley and am 9 :) go ashleymariegameing

86 Vareide V 3 Comments
87 Magic animal club

Awesome channel should be second place stampy should be first like he is

Stampy and Squids' second channel. their vlogs are really cool.

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88 PeterG
89 liverpoolrocks
90 Smyth123
91 HarryPotter098

Harry is cool and he is my husband

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92 Ldshadowlady

106? YOU KIDDING ME?! , I am surprised. I've known her for 2 years (on youtube, watching videos) and she's an amazing gamer! Plus, she doesn't JUST play minecraft, she's funny, awesome and pretty. I just honestly don't believe she's 106th!

Why isn't she higher? She's a good gamer who's got charisma, charm, and humor.

She is funny she has a sense of humor and she always posts videos

I love Ldshadowlady ^^

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93 Little Kelly

Little kelly is one of the best because she posts stuff every day and she never takes a break that's how much she is committed to Minecraft which makes her one of the best

Little Kelly is... let's say good at Minecraft all the twisting to show stuff makes me fall over!

Little Kelly has lovely hair and always has a brilliant story up her sleeve!

She's the best player ever she loves little donny

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94 Kuledud3

I've heard great stuff about him, never watched a video though, don't hate.

He has been my favorite always. Newbies: Cool! Screaming: Awesome! Brony: um not that realevent to me but STILL EPIC

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95 KermitplaysMC

He is so funny because he swears and he is a great builder

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96 Dawnables

Hardly anyone watches dawnable anymore, because she broke up with sky.

97 Electroman01

You just got to love him and his awesome world

Ruler of redstone (redstone king)

Best guy at redstone!

I'm glad I'm here - Electroman01

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98 StrauberryJam

Yeah, he's awesome!

I've heard good stuff of Stauberry, never seen him.

Straub is probably the funnest, I love him!


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99 mha28 V 1 Comment
100 Dantdm

I think he's alright at Minecraft lol

I think he's cool

I am not happy with your show Daniel Middleton, this is an outrageous show. Maybe u should not play that game or find the best in the world, so it stinks, wanna have more likes. Get more views.#lol

I love you so much for playing minecraft

You are cool

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