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141 SqaisheyQuack

I like the sky den that stamps does with her

I think she is the funniest and the coolest :-)

She is awesome! I like her better.Bets girl Minecraft player then ashely

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142 LionMaker

He is absolutely awesome

Great at survival and very funny to. He has the biggest mine ever and great
Friends that join!

He is the best(as if)

He is OK. He joins with stampz! And last beyond least! "Everything is Awesome! " - harrypotter098

143 Dinnerbone V 1 Comment
144 supergirlygamer

You are totally awesome and your videos are really funny and interesting.

Love the new version of Minecraft in your house

You should really be in the top ten

Love your videos but you need to get better at pvp. You lose a lot in lucky block challenge try to watch grapeapplesauce he is really good at pvp so watch him

145 Markiplier Markiplier

Drunk Minecraft was hilarious!

Hi markymoo I just whanta say your awesome and great and whatever.
and please play FNAF world if you are the real king of five nights at freddy's

146 Samgladiator

Love all his role plays and videos they are the best!

This guy does so many videos and series I watch them all the time Taurtis is good to I wish I was in one though.

I your role plays and I wish I could join your role plays. This is my name on Minecraft: Cadylee2004 my full name is: Cadence Lee Burr my Minecraft character skin is: a bunny hat with brown hair and no covering on the sholder

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147 Evan31607

Actually I Changed to ZonixMC so if your going to subscribe to me or somthing I'm actually ZonixMC now thanks sor your consideration this is a big honor or something whatever lol thanks bye.

He Is The Best Minecraft Player,Club penguin player,and Poptropica Player In The World. He deserves To Be In At Least 1st,2nd,or 3rd at the most. He is So Amazing And Very Fun To be With. I'm With Him Everyday And He Is Just Super Super Awesome.He Is An Expert At Almost every Game There Is.I love His Great Additude and Happieness.He is A Very Adventerous In Most Games To. So He Is The Best Video Game Player In The World!.

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148 JorinPexa V 4 Comments
149 FyreUk

One of the best Minecraft builders ever.

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150 Emzy255

I love the maps that she bilt for hunger games and how she try's her best sat them

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151 Vegetta777 V 1 Comment
152 Bflerigan V 1 Comment
153 MinecraftStar007

Not The Best No Where Near 50 Subs But I Think He Will Make It "AWESOME MAPS"!

154 Block_Maestro
155 Bugdbug
156 KermitPlaysMinecraft

I love him! I love him especially when he is in sky's videos I by the way I love his Vocie laugh out loud!

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157 HonestGrey

UMM he is amazing I've never seen someone so funny I've watched him since I was 6 so come on sub him ty GOD BYE MAKE THE LUUV

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158 clowy V 1 Comment
159 Dario85

Most amazing builds I ever seen. he's kinda my idol.

160 Jeb

What, WHAT. he owns the game and is the lead delveloper, WHAT THE HECK

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