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161 Bdoubleo100

One of the greatest builders in both Mindcrack and the World! Duh.

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162 LittleLizardGaming

He is awesome the school sever is awesome keep doing it

Little Lizard Gaming is awesome he made a whole school

Little lizard Is really funny and I love his accent

I think that u. Are a great player

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163 Evantube V 3 Comments
164 SonicHP

Not too good. But can beat a lot and I mean A LOT of people in the desired craft hub in pvp. He does not hack.

165 Joshlevistar V 2 Comments
166 LionMaker

Great at survival and very funny to. He has the biggest mine ever and great
Friends that join!

He is OK. He joins with stampz! And last beyond least! "Everything is Awesome! " - harrypotter098

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167 sharpboy98

Is awesome he plays over 100 servers

168 yamimash

He might have done less Minecraft then other people but there is a lot of Minecraft stuff he did like pixelmon or noobcraft

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169 Firehawk2k

He's really cool. He will soon have an awesome local server early 2017

Good archer! Friends with HUBBELL19942005.funny!

170 Aphmau

To me she is the most amazing,talented,And Funny Minecraft gamer I've ever seen Because she's like no ordinary gamer she's herself she does what she can for her fans and family she cares a lot about everything and anything that's why she's the best

She is great! I love her videos and her map making skills :D

She is the best in Minecraft and I think she should be 1st

I thought she was the 1 one :P but I like her when she plays game but not really do stories

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171 2Fade V 1 Comment
172 Blueflame2
173 AshuDub

Ash is epic I love his videos! He is always finding ways to involve his subs! Always stay cheesy ash and we will too! (Never stop making videos no matter what)

Ash, one day you will reach a million subs I just know it, even if your not there yet, your closer than you were yesterday...

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174 Pumpchkin
175 Ninjacrafter457

He's awesome but all though his game lags his gameing IS awesome!

176 GoodTimesWithScar
177 Markiplier Markiplier

Drunk Minecraft was hilarious!

178 GommeHD V 1 Comment
179 JinBopGaming
180 ljk2003
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