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161 HonestGrey

UMM he is amazing I've never seen someone so funny I've watched him since I was 6 so come on sub him ty GOD BYE MAKE THE LUUV

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162 clowy V 1 Comment
163 Dario85

Most amazing builds I ever seen. he's kinda my idol.

164 True Triz
165 Jeb

He added in a secret boss!

He owns Minecraft, for pete's sake

The developer of Minecraft!

Notch owns MC not Jeb well mircosoft does now..

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166 Aciddragon0820 V 1 Comment
167 NoahSailer

So sick me called Ellis and Noah managed to finally defeated Stampy longnose
What happened was my army died than Noah shot him with a TNT Canon

168 Ponyboy12
169 WolfnFox

They are awesome and I am not saying this because they are my mates from school who I hang out with every day. It is because they are funny and they know how to properly play Minecraft

170 GenirickB

He is very very very awesome

171 Entity303
172 Evantube V 3 Comments
173 SonicHP

Not too good. But can beat a lot and I mean A LOT of people in the desired craft hub in pvp. He does not hack.

174 Joshlevistar V 2 Comments
175 sharpboy98

Is awesome he plays over 100 servers

176 Technoblade

He might be the best block hit pvper in the world.

If this list wasn't kids running around wild Technoblade would be 1, He actually can PVP, and uses everything to his own advantage, he hold the record for highest bedwars winstreak of 1400


177 yamimash

He might have done less Minecraft then other people but there is a lot of Minecraft stuff he did like pixelmon or noobcraft

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178 Firehawk2k

He's really cool. He will soon have an awesome local server early 2017

Good archer! Friends with HUBBELL19942005.funny!

179 2Fade V 1 Comment
180 Blueflame2
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