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21 Never Let You Go

After the first song it made me so happy for what happened at the end

This is a awesome parody continuing never say goodbye

First one I listened to and it somewhat made me cry

Sad but happy happy ending

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22 Creeper Rap

This song should definitely be number one it's a epic song about the most epic mob in Minecraft

This should be 1 because it is so cool and awesome at the same time

Cool title will put on YouTube for viewers

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23 500 Chunks

WHERE DID MY WOOD GO element animation is awesome and this is not my favorite

1. Like an Enderman tied with hunger games song tnt creeper rap and mine the diamond (and all tobuscus songs)

This song was the first Minecraft song I ever heard!

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24 I Love Blocks I Love Blocks V 2 Comments
25 Running Out of Time

It might make you cry if was watch


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26 Eye of the Creeper

I love this song I don't like it and I don't hate it I love it

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27 Wrecking Mob

I love this song it says creepers really loudly when I play this song when playing Minecraft a mob of creepers comes and I kill them isane

Hey diamond blocks you and creeper?

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28 Dwarf Hole (Diggy Diggy Hole) V 3 Comments
29 Safety Torch

This isn't even a Minecraft song.

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30 I Came to Dig I Came to Dig
31 The Miner

Epic song. I don't like parodies that sound like someone swapped out every other word, and used crappy in game sounds. The Miner feels and sounds like an actual song. Taylor wrote great lyrics, Brad is the best Minecraft singer in my opinion, and the video fits extremely well!

Til' herobrine crafts a spell, that'll send you to the deaths of hell. What you gonna do now?

This song should be in the top ten. It's beautifully sang and the lyrics are actually quite inspiring.

Love it so much

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32 Make a Cake

PUT IT TO NUMBER 50, THIS SONG DOESN'T HAVE ANY STYLE, sorry I I affend people who like this song, but I hate it, so bye bye Make A Cake

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33 Hissin'

Creeperlord this is my theme song this brings the creeper army to discrass

You got me hissin baby hissin baby let me know! I'm gonna creep up on ya sneak up on ya then ill blow! You got me hissin baby hissin baby, boom I go!

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34 I Baked a Cake Just for You

It's a great song to listen to

It's so cool and I love cakes and music and singing is my life!

A cake made by mobs! - shpendy

Such a great song.

35 Enderman V 6 Comments
36 The War Has Just Begun V 1 Comment
37 Found a Cave, Hump a Tree

This song is funny! Anyone wanna send it to top 50?

Ha Ha! I like how they are playing with TNT!

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38 Your Door Was Locked

This is unforgivable (the fact it's ranked so low)

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39 Creepers Are Terrible Creepers Are Terrible

I think this song is awesome because its just fun to watch.

This one is great! Whys it down here?

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40 Supernatural Mobs

Even though it was only released a month ago, it should definitely be in the top ten, at least fifteen. In general, this video along with others of CaptainSparklez need to be up there.

In my option, this should be up with Revenge for the tune, and with the Fallen kingdom tetralogy for the story. The squeal, The Hero brine sucks in my option though

Right now it is no.63. I believe this song deserves better. The singing, rapping and animation is terrific!

The only thing I hate about this song is the players being killed.

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