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41 Flee for Your Life

This Shall Be in the top 20! It is such an epic mob-escape Minecraft parody of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now!

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42 Enchanted

The music and lyrics is just WAY TOO HORRIBLE I almost died from cringe. - MChkflaguard_Yt

The best song I ever heard in my life

I don't care what anyone thinks but its awesomeness is OVER 9000!

Awesome cat save

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43 Supernatural Mobs

Even though it was only released a month ago, it should definitely be in the top ten, at least fifteen. In general, this video along with others of CaptainSparklez need to be up there.

In my option, this should be up with Revenge for the tune, and with the Fallen kingdom tetralogy for the story. The squeal, The Hero brine sucks in my option though

Right now it is no.63. I believe this song deserves better. The singing, rapping and animation is terrific!

This is amazeballs# 1st rigt here

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44 Like a Block

This song is awesome Like a boss

Punch a tree (like a block)

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45 Klub Ice
46 In Love With a Villager

This song is ok.I guess

47 Like an Enderman

Love it! It's just epic!

Why are good songs like this one so low on the chart?!?!? This is one of my favorite Minecraft songs of all time! It should be somewhere in the top ten!

This HAS to be #7 at LEAST, come on people, you guys are terrible

This song be awesome

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48 Build It Up

The lyric is totally good, the original song wake me up has many minecraft parodies and it's the best among all them unlike "my revolver" which is a total corrupted piece of burnt crisp. - MChkflaguard_Yt

This one NEEDS to be higher up!
This AMAZING song is the reason I started playing Minecraft!
The story, vocals, and message are completely amazing!

49 This Is My Biome

Cool song. At least there are awesome vocals and the set is plain legendary I had to get another building lesson. - MChkflaguard_Yt

Why is this so low down. Up it must go! Now!

Such a great song! Gets stuck in my head so easily.

Gotta be closer to the top

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50 Sad War

New Song by ZexyZek! A Minecraft parody of "Mad World"

This is a very touching song I want to cry WAHH!

51 Legendary Griefer

Awesome graphics





52 I Hate Creepers

I love creepers :(

They go boom

I love creepers too y u got to hate on them!

53 Hack Chop Bang
54 Find the Pieces

Why is this 63?! It's an amazing song,

It is a very good song. The set is 10/10, the vocals are awesome(I don't like manly people's singing), and the animation is nearly flawless. I BET you can't even build 1 of the houses in the set. - MChkflaguard_Yt


What?! It is so amazing song and why it is in very very very lower rank? It is good! -_-

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55 Mineshaft

I love this song

From luke

A great song

56 Minecraft Anthem
57 Little Square Face

I don't know how to sing It but it is awesome

It is cool but 2 and 3is kinda better

58 Mine the Diamond

How is the video minecraft? lower spot please. - MChkflaguard_Yt

It's the beast (don't know) it's so epic made bay a awesome YouTuber.
Its my alarm song

59 Where My Diamonds Hide

I love this song I put it here and I am kind of sad it is not higher but oh well at least we know this song rocks!

Epic animation, tune and vocals

Come on! This song is AWESOME! Deserves to be in at least top 20!

It's where my diamonds hide, It's where my diamonds hide!

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60 Mine It Out

Mine it out should be first

Mine it all out

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