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61 Let It Blow

Dude I would listen to it EVERY SINGLE DAY IF IT didn't HAVE THE WORD CRAPPY IN IT!

This song convinces bullying, at least Einshine's Griefer series is worse.

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62 Through the Night

Best animation in a long time plus lots of meaning to it. It should be somewhere at the 1-10 list, people its awesome!

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63 Diggy Diggy Hole
64 A Whole World Made for Me

This is one of the best Minecraft songs from TryHardNinja. You should listen to this and vote for this. It's awesome.

65 Dragonhearted

We are the dragon hearted it's so cool giant robots parkour and stuff


Instead of a cliched song about swinging a sword or diamonds, a meaningful song about life and the
bravery of a prince/hero. #DragonHearted is Awesome #BestSongEver!

Why this is so low it needs at least be in top 3!
Its animation is awesome and the effects are cool,has a real meaning instead just talking about re****e d Minecraft old themes. It is a state of art. Really. Watch it and you'll understand - MChkflaguard_Yt

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66 What a Lovely World

It's a Stampy song! What else is there to say? It's amazing!


If for some reason you don't know who Stampy is, click on the link

Keep on mining!


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67 Hack That
68 I Loved You Gregory

Don't add it if it's not Minecraft!

What the hell this is not Minecraft.

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69 Never Say Goodbye

THIS SONG IS WAY TO LOW ON THE CHART! This song may be sad, but it's still beautiful and amazing! This song deserves to be higher!

Should be number 1, pulls of sad perfectly and is so touching. I hated the squel (never say goodbye) as it replaces the sad that made this so good with happy. I like happy as much as the next guy, but when you pull off sad so well, don't undo it!

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70 Mob Busters V 1 Comment
71 Before Monsters Come V 1 Comment
72 Never Going To The Nether V 3 Comments
73 All About My Base

Well I shoot mobs if they come to my base

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74 Moonquest

I love this song why is it not top IT IS GREAT

75 Mine With Me V 2 Comments
76 Dragons

I cannot BELIEVE it is so low on the list! It was the very first one I ever heard and got me into Minecraft music in the first place. The animation was spectacular as well. - LeiaSkywalker

This song NEEDS to be higher! This song is very catchy and fantastically animated! And it is so much better than red stone active!

Love the animation, this song song was very epic and the video too. It blow up my mind when I watch the video. Hope this song rated more

I keep hearing this song over and over because its sooo awesome.Even villagers can do some fight with swords

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77 Trouble

Such a epic song!

78 Get Off My Block V 2 Comments
79 Can't Stop
80 The Mob Rap 2
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