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101 Heaven
102 Minecraft Rap
103 Danny
104 Sweden V 1 Comment
105 Mining Ores

Why is this number 73? This song is EPIC!

Love this song to death!


106 My Revolver

I have one word for this "Sucks"

Yeah sure but my fave is LIKE AN ENDERMAN

I watched this song and immediately left because of its horribleness - MChkflaguard_Yt

Screw anyone who dislikes this


V 3 Comments
107 Creeper
108 Lets Have Some Fun In Minecraft

It's because Adam is on vocals and he has a really good singing voice.

This song is the song of SkythekidRS but in YouTube count of
Shallwecraftcharlie yea skys parodies try and watch noe lets have fun in minercraft yea I'm inspred now fo no is 8:00 clock I'm posting this and poser I'm hear?!?!

V 3 Comments
109 I Heard They Added Ocelots
110 Creeper vs Zombie
111 Bajan Canadian Song

That should be number one

This should be second!

It should be the top 3

From Elizabeth Buchanan ⬇️

V 4 Comments
112 I Am Believing

That should be in the top 20

This the best song it should be top 1

Love this song always got the tune!

This song is cool,i know it use one of the song from real life,the one 'that tonight gonna be a good night'but when I hear it,at first I feel like it was gonna be bad but it was good.It should be top 20 or 10 at least.The lyrics are great,the sound is good.Its story makes sense.If you don't believe,see what I said.Its about Bajancanadians Group "The pack".It started as we see Lachlan waking up after a defeat by the mutant mobs and the King.He wanted a revenge but must get some friends to help.He then Found TBNRFrags and Mitch.They gear up and found Woofless and Vikstar in a piramid getting weapons and save them from a bunch of armoured zombies.They gear up and go kill the mutant mobs and The King.The song was made because it was saying about that their gonna have a big fight.Please fans,don't just leave this song,it has to be top ten

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113 I Would Walk 500 Chunks
114 The Herobrine V 2 Comments
115 I Banned You
116 Nights

Hi how r you

117 Join Me Stevie
118 Skelly Heart

This song is amazing! Gives great perspective and viewpoint into a skeleton. Lyrics are well written and song is mastered excellently.

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119 Enderborn
120 A Creeper Like You
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