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121 The End

An awesome song with different youtubers! There's sky, sparklez, Etho, SethBling, Tobuscus, and Xephos!

Best song! Has Etho, SethBling, Sky, Xephos, Tobuscus, and CaptainSparklez! Listen to it!

122 I Like My Minecraft World

Parody of what a wonderful world.

123 Like a Sir

This is awesome and findi in adamzometopparks yhea this dude stil had sing so try and find some song and post it hear and more songs on the way and just wait to it

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124 Where Them Mobs At?

I love this song when it got to the fast part I couldn't resist dancing

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125 I Just Found Diamond
126 Griefer V 2 Comments
127 Redstone Active

It is awesome it should go in 4 place

If this song was in 4th, then I'd give up on the Minecraft community. - ckets4769

Lol love the graphics man -Brady's only

Because I said so

Best Radioactive Parody since Really Inactive by Weird Al Yancovic, and definitely my favorite.

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128 Enderman
129 How Do I Craft This Again?

Wondering why the soggy we're miners and we know it will rank better than this. - MChkflaguard_Yt

This song definitely deserves a top 10 place. I love this song!

One for the best songs I know, how do I craft this again guys?

Why is this last?! Top 10, surely. - ckets4769

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130 Glowstone Love V 2 Comments
131 Under the Sea
132 Where's the Modding API?

Best song ever! I JUST CAN'T STOP! Can you be addicted to a song?

133 Minecraft's End
134 That Girl Is Crafty

This song is OP as diamonds

It is a girly song

135 Make Anything
136 If I Want To
137 Very Crazy Griefer

all four of us want to say awesome

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138 Last Life for Me

An original song that has bad audio quality but worth checking out!

139 Paradise

This isn't even a minecraft song - MChkflaguard_Yt

140 New Mineshaft
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