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1 Jesus Built My Hotrod

Great musicians! And much more original than N.W.O. this song rules, no doubt. - gustavochavarria

Fast paced song good for road trips! Excellent voice (see: Butthole Surfers)

2 Thieves

Heard this song first on Brutal Legend on one of my favorite missions and it absolutely took me away! I wasn't even focusing on the game - PsychoSandman33

Excellent pace and perfect for driving fast!

I listen this song when I choose not to sleep! - hio

3 Revenge

Gem from 1884 before the alteration.

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4 Effigy (I'm Not An)
5 So What

One of my favorite Ministry songs on my favorite Ministry album.

This song is one of the reasons I started listening to Ministry

My MMA highlight soundtrack

Completely awesome song.

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6 Supermanic Soul
7 N.W.O.

Probably their best song, from album Psalm 69

Best song from Ministry

The best

8 Just One Fix

One of the best songs they've made. - NuMetalManiak

William S. Burroughs is in the video!

Top 5 for sure


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9 Double Tap

Awesome fast paced song from Relapse. Absolutely my favorite since Jesus Built My Hotrod

10 Stigmata

Where coolest song?

There coolest song

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11 Burning Inside

Fast song... nice :P

12 Never Believe

Favorite song on the album

13 No W

This one's called No W! - Dorito

Song with intro Carmina Burana, and Bush speech at beginning

14 Bad Blood

Angry as hell! Great song for an intense workout!

15 Hero

Great, Great Song

Underrated tune

16 Permawar
17 Khyber Pass

This is song makes my ears orgasm.

18 Every Day Is Halloween

Classic goth tune.

19 Scarecrow

Absolutely love the slow, sludgy pace of this song, I agree that it should be in the top 5 or at least the top 10

Should not have taken this amount of scrolling to find Scarecrow, should be top 5 at least

20 Psalm 69

Amazing song should be top 10

Commentary on the dangers of blind faith. Also a sick, epic sounding song!

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1. Just One Fix
2. Jesus Built My Hotrod
3. So What
1. Revenge
2. Effigy (I'm Not An)
3. Thieves



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