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1 Jesus Built My Hotrod

Great musicians! And much more original than N.W.O. this song rules, no doubt. - gustavochavarria

Fast paced song good for road trips! Excellent voice (see: Butthole Surfers)

2 Thieves

Heard this song first on Brutal Legend on one of my favorite missions and it absolutely took me away! I wasn't even focusing on the game - PsychoSandman33

Excellent pace and perfect for driving fast!

I listen this song when I choose not to sleep! - hio

3 N.W.O.

Probably their best song, from album Psalm 69

Best song from Ministry

The best

4 Just One Fix

One of the best songs they've made. - NuMetalManiak

William S. Burroughs is in the video!

Top 5 for sure


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5 Revenge

Gem from 1884 before the alteration.

I love a little bit from all eras of Ministry. Every album has a song, or songs, that I love. But I am in the minority who LOVES With Sympathy. It comes to personal taste, some come to Ministry for the Land of Rape of Honey to Psalm 69 era, some Filth Pig to Present, and some just all of it. Personally I love 80's alt/new wave/synth pop and metal. But this album I don't look at compared to their other material, I think of this as more of Ministry's Prototype. I look at it as a separate lost album. But I personally LOVE it for what it is worth, even if Uncle Al resents it. All comes to personal taste, but With Sympathy is a personal favorite album. Ministry just is great.

6 Effigy (I'm Not An)
7 Hero

Great, Great Song

Underrated tune

8 So What

One of my favorite Ministry songs on my favorite Ministry album.

This song is one of the reasons I started listening to Ministry

My MMA highlight soundtrack

Completely awesome song.

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9 Supermanic Soul
10 Stigmata

Where coolest song?

There coolest song

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11 Double Tap

Awesome fast paced song from Relapse. Absolutely my favorite since Jesus Built My Hotrod

12 Burning Inside

Fast song... nice :P

13 Corrosion

Cool song - definition of industrial metal!

14 Psalm 69

Amazing song should be top 10

Commentary on the dangers of blind faith. Also a sick, epic sounding song!

15 No W

This one's called No W! - Dorito

Song with intro Carmina Burana, and Bush speech at beginning

16 Never Believe

Favorite song on the album

17 Bad Blood

Angry as hell! Great song for an intense workout!

18 Every Day Is Halloween

Classic goth tune.

19 Scarecrow

Absolutely love the slow, sludgy pace of this song, I agree that it should be in the top 5 or at least the top 10

Should not have taken this amount of scrolling to find Scarecrow, should be top 5 at least

20 Khyber Pass

This is song makes my ears orgasm.

21 I Wanted to Tell Her
22 Permawar
23 TV II
24 Rio Grande Blood

Love the George W Bush samples, awesome lyrics, and an in your face chorus, should be in top 10

25 Lieslieslies
26 Lay Lady Lay

Really different cover of the Bob Dylan classic. It takes such a different turn with how they perform it but still retain the intimacy of the first version.

For some reason every song played by ministry written by someone else... is beautiful

27 I'm Falling
28 All Day
29 Fear (Is Big Business)

This is what I call a "Perfect Song"!

30 Over the Shoulder
31 Same Old Madness
32 Work for Love
33 Lava
34 The Land of Rape and Honey
35 Breathe
36 Golden Dawn
37 Ghouldiggers
38 Senor Peligro
39 The Fall
40 What About Us

Song written for the A.I. soundtrack. They are the band playing in the woods at the robot destruction event. Certainly gets me fired up!

41 You Blocked Me On Facebook, Now You're Going to Die
42 Flashback

Amazing industrial metal song with a strong punk element

43 Overkill
44 Cold Life
45 Should Have Known Better
46 He's Angry
47 Anything for You
48 The Missing
49 Wrong

One of the best tunes. Listen and vote guys

50 Paint It Black
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1. Just One Fix
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1. Jesus Built My Hotrod
2. Hero
3. Just One Fix
1. Revenge
2. Effigy (I'm Not An)
3. Thieves


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