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1 Kissin U

I love this song, it really say what you feel when you have a crush on someone

It's a really good song and many people can relate to it. It's bout that crush that you have and how they make you feel. They make you the happiest person in the world. And this song describes it really well.

I love this song it is amazing. I have almost all of your songs on, y iPad and I like kissin you best. Thank you miranda I love this song. You are my favorite singer in the whole intire world. My favorite songs out of these in order is:kissin you, dancing crazy, adored, oh oh, there will be tears, stay my baby, leave it all to me, raining sunshine, leave it all to shine, about you now

Best song of all time. It is very romantic. - DynastiNoble

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2 About You Now

One of her best songs ever! I hope she gets more of these out! That was awesome! Love this song so bad!

It shares her memories and reminds me of old times

It really is pure teeny bopper trash... But who cares! It's catchy and melodious and someone has to sing stuff like that. The song we love to hate

Whoop! I love this song!

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3 Dancing Crazy

This is a great feel good song! It actually makes you wanna dance! It's great! And Miranda's vocals are amazing!

I just love this song I think it's the best.

Love this song! Honestly when I heard it at work I thought this was Avril Lavigne.

I love this song

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4 Raining Sunshine

I love this song. Every time I listen to it I feel happy.

I love your song iam basma by and I love sam I love you
By by by

5 Leave It All to Me

I love this song cause it is icarly's theme song and you know that icarly is the best show in the world

I like this because this is the theme song icarly and I love icarly

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6 Leave It All to Shine

It has really cool beat.. as it is featuring victoria justice it is the best! Miranda cosgrove and victoria justice both have nice combination.. they are the rck

I love this song very very very very very very very very very very very much...

I love it is mixed with iCarly and Victorious! WHICH I love plus I don't like all the other songs but sayanora which is not on the list AND I can't BELIEVE KISSIN you IS THE MOST POPULAR THAT IS MY LEAST FAVE!

Leave it all to shine

7 There Will Be Tears

One of the writers of the song are very amazing! I love this song so much! It is very good for teen girls, especially me! - DynastiSugarPop

One of her best!

8 Stay My Baby

ITS VERY SWEET, I think this is one of the Best songs of miranda, besides kissin you.

I really love this song!


9 Oh Oh
10 Adored

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? Daydream

Amazing this one is my favourite

? Hey You

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11 Disgusting

This song is different from the others and has a nice tone to it. Also I can relate to this song and I bet a lot of you guys can to!

This gets stuck in my head. it's very cool and really original. I like the lyrics as I think a lot of people can relate to them and their very clever. This is proberbly one of my favorites!

12 Shakespeare

This song is like bubblegum pop, teen pop, and power pop in between but I love this song! Totes adorbs! ! Love you Cosgrove! - DynastiSugarPop

By far the best mirandas song for me!

13 Bam

I love it you have to listen to it to the end there is a track that is so beautiful!

Such a fun,catchy, relatable and romantic song! It's her best song it needs to be in the top 3. It's a really positive track it would have been so successful if it was released as a single. But still one of my favourite songs ever!

And the rest of the top 5 is dancing crazy and there will be tears

Well an adition to my comment, it should be it the top 3 with FACE OF LOVE (ONE OF THE BEST LOVE SONGS EVER) and ( sayonara)

14 Brand New You
15 What are You Waiting For
16 Christmas Wrapping
17 Face In the Hall
18 Headphones On

Wow, I really love this song so much! I love her singing and the teen pop influences between bubblegum pop and power pop! - DynastiSugarPop

19 Sayonara

This song is so good! I love the beat and it's forever on repeat! Loved how it's all Japanese-related! Sayonara sayonara yeah~ SEXY SONG! - pockylowpop

I told three of my friends about this song and they loved it but I love it more then them it is like b+ Miranda cosgrove love you and your songs like extra om

20 Thunder
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1. Kissin U
2. About You Now
3. Dancing Crazy
1. About You Now
2. Dancing Crazy
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