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1 Gunpowder & Lead

Such a great country song, so proud of Miranda! She came a long way since NASHVILLE STAR!

Love this song so much! - Cartermd

I like that this song is about a girl that isn't afraid to stand up for herself and Miranda personifies it.

2 Kerosene
3 The House that Built Me

Someone I love very much introduced me to this gorgeous song. I love her voice. - Britgirl

This is one of the prettiest song I have heard.

Awesome Song - Sam Hassan

4 Mama's Broken Heart

If your gonna listen to advertisement and call it music... Hey they may as well be good looking

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5 White Liar

I just love this song... The tune is so catchy and the music video is awesome too... Just love Miranda... She's awesome - Malavikasunilk

6 Only Prettier
7 Somethin' Bad
8 Famous in a Small Town
9 Heart Like Mine

I love this song. Good lyrics.

10 Over You

This song makes me cry every time I listen to it. It is just so good and one of the best songs from Four The Record.

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11 New Strings
12 Time to Get a Gun
13 Fastest Girl In Town
14 Airstream Song
15 Automatic

NOO! My favorite song should be at #1

16 Dry Town
17 Little Red Wagon
18 Vice
19 Baggage Claim
20 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
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1. The House that Built Me
2. Mama's Broken Heart
3. Gunpowder & Lead
1. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
2. Gunpowder & Lead
3. Little Red Wagon
1. Somethin' Bad
2. Mama's Broken Heart
3. Automatic

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