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1 Top of the World Top of the World

This is my favourite song not just from Mitchel's songs but from every other singer/artist!

It's awesome.. Never got bored listing to it...

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2 Hey!

This Song really make good mood

3 Let's Make This Last Forever

Just great. Just listen to it. Then ya know what I am talking about ♥

4 If I Didn't Have You If I Didn't Have You

Although I think they won't make a good couple, their Duett is really great. They rock

5 Empty Empty
6 Come Back My Love Come Back My Love

So romantic. It's about Love which is someday just away. And Mitch is damn hot in the Video! :P

I love this song mithall mosso keep the good work up you way way better than Justin Bieber

7 Lean On Me

It's really surprising you. Because of the title you think it is a slow song! Well, Falsity!

8 It's Us Against the World

Great Song. I feel so acquainted with the Text. I don't really like Katlyn's voice, but in this songs it does not sounds very bad.

9 Get Away Get Away

If only people actually listened to this song he sang it on so random and you will be blown away by his voice trust me I don't lie

A fast, great song. The lyrics are so great

10 Welcome to Hollywood

Good Song. It is not very adventurous but enjoyable.

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11 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Such an adorable song, and he was so young then.

12 Celebrate

I love this song.

13 Shout It Shout It
14 Just Go
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