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1 Yankees vs. Red Sox

Best rivalry and it's not even close. These two fantastic franchises colliding many times per year is always a fun thing to see. I'm a Red Sox fan, but Red Sox vs Yankees is such a pleasure to see!

These are two of my three favorite teams! But the Yankees are my all time favorite! Yankees, Red Sox, and Tigers are my favorites! - Alpha101

No contest. The Yankees and the Red Sox have been baseball's archrivals for almost 80 years.

2 Giants vs. Dodgers

Fans literally die and kill over this series

I like both of them but I'm more of a Giants guy. - Alpha101

Giants all the way


3 Cardianls vs. Cubs

Man I love both of these guys! It woulden't really matter to me who would win that won. - Alpha101

4 Cubs vs. White Sox

Man, why is it with every rival I like both teams? It's a tough one right here, I'm leaning towards White Sox... - Alpha101

5 Dodgers vs. Reds
6 Phillies vs. Pirates
7 Yankees vs. Giants
8 Yankees vs. Mets
9 Angels vs. Dodgers
10 Dodgers vs. Yankees

The Contenders

11 Rays vs. Red Sox

Not the best, but definitely notable.

12 Blue Jays vs. Rangers
13 Athletics vs. Giants
14 Mets vs. Phillies

Look up 2007 or 2008 National League East Title race.

15 Pirates vs. Cubs
16 Yankees vs. Orioles
17 Giants vs. Angels
18 Yankees vs. Rays
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1. Yankees vs. Red Sox
2. Giants vs. Dodgers
3. Cardianls vs. Cubs
1. Yankees vs. Red Sox
2. Giants vs. Dodgers
3. Cardianls vs. Cubs


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